Is Network Marketing Really A 2 – 5 Year Plan

The other day I was asked if Network Marketing is really a 2 – 5 year plan, and you know what, it is actually a question I have asked myself many times as well, because the obvious question is “A 2 -5 year plan to what?” Is it a 5 figure income, 6 figure income, 7 figure income, what is it?

So I want to answer this today and at the same time it will open more questions, not questioning network marketing, but questioning how people should view this industry and the career they choose.

First let’s look at the time frame and what does a 2 – 5 year plan actually mean?

For most people the time frame is the hope of earning a 6 figure income, an income over $100,000 per year. So for today’s article, let’s focus on this and allowing it to be our goal, the goal of attaining a 6 figure income.

Most people who enter the network marketing profession have never earned a 6 figure income and it is a wonderful dream and something that I do believe is attainable to anyone who is prepared to become a 6 figure income earner in their mind, heart and actions before they will actually ever be one.

As with anything worth having, things take time and this is the reason for the 2 – 5 years. You see everyone enters this profession at a different level of their apprenticeship. Some enter with incredible people skills and a lot of influence, for them they get started and seem to reach the incredible highs that most people only ever dream of. They build and they build fast. They seem to attract people who have the uncanny ability to sign people up and get those people moving and this leader seems to instantly be leading the high life. What people miss is the years and years of development for that individual to have become that leader and that person of influence. They may also miss or choose to ignore the work ethic. I remember watching the man who got me started work his business, he was driving it day and night, his focus was clear and his actions were obvious. He was on call after call after call and travelling everywhere. He had developed a talent after 20 years of public speaking and looking after people (he was the founding pastor of a large church) of being able to cast a vision and help people see themselves in that vision. People couldn’t help themselves from getting involved and join his team. He worked harder than anyone I had ever met and because of that, he actually reached the 6 figure income bracket after 5 months…yes that’s right 5 months. Me on the other hand, well it took me 5 years…. A little different than him lol.

Other people get started and have no experience in developing people, they may have made a great income, but did that income come from inspiring people to move forward and become better, probably not, most careers are actually very self-focused, I know mine was before network marketing. These people have to learn the art of leading people and inspiration plus casting a vision.

Then you have the person who gets started, has no experience and very few skills but tremendous desire. Again it will take them time, the best thing they can do is to be mentored and follow the direction of someone who is going where they want to go and is actually getting the results they want.

They key for all of these people, and yes there are many more types of people and varying levels of apprenticeship, is that for any of them to succeed they need to  grow and continue to do the activity that will get them the reward.

So what is the activity?

Simple “Prospecting, Presenting & getting people started”. These are the activities that we do and must do to create the 6 figure income.

I once heard a network marketing legend say “your 2 – 5 years starts today, but every time you stop, it starts again on the day you start again”. This may seem like a tough way to look at things, its true though, when you start, you create momentum, no matter how small it is, this momentum grows and grows, however when you stop, you lose that momentum.

How many presentations do you need to do per month?

At least 15 – 20 if not more…

If you think that doing less than that will get you a 6 figure income, you are mistaken. This number is a “part time” number, if you are full time, then you need to double that amount at least, this will dramatically reduce the time frame it takes.

I have heard some people think that hanging out with the same people every week for coffee is building the business, because they are your team, thats a crazy way to think. If you want to teach your team how to build, then build. Let them see you active, if they want to learn, then let them come and watch you actually building your business.

I know this may all sound a little tough, but its the facts. If you want the rewards that this business brings, than you will need to work your business first.

It’s worth it.

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