I know you have heard many people talk about how to prospect on Facebook, but very few of those people have done it and if they have, they have only done it for a short period of time and not duplicated their efforts. They get confused with promoting something that may work ‘just once” vs doing things that will work over and over again. When you prospect on Facebook you need to be not just “doing” you also need to be “analysing”. It’s the ones that analyse what they are doing and understand why it works that will have true long lasting success vs the ones who do it only once and don’t truly understand why.

For some reason, I have a very analytical mind when it comes to sales; anything else, I don’t. Just ask my teachers and they will testify that I had absolutely no desire or ability to study or work out “why” at school. Let me tell you a little secret, but if I tell you, you are not allowed to laugh and don’t judge me ok. My final mark when I left school was around 21%, yes that’s right 21%.

I didn’t want my daughters to ever know what my results were, I didn’t want them to use my results as their excuse for doing bad at school. Praise God they have their mother’s ability to study and retain, because it would have been a sad state of affairs if they had mine. However when it comes to building a business, making money and analysing a sale, that’s me, in fact I love it, I don’t like analysing numbers, that’s not me, I just like analysing the sales process and understanding why something works or something doesn’t work.

When you start to prospect on facebook, it will be a good idea if you allow yourself to do the exact same thing. Look at works and what doesn’t. Too many people see someone do something like “spam their product or business” onto their facebook wall and think “Oh wow, maybe that works and I should do it as well.” So they go ahead and do it with disastrous results. Spam is Spam. You don’t like it and neither does anyone else.

You Will Never Hear Me Say…

You will hear me say over and over and over again, everything comes down to relationship and perception of value until it becomes real value. Your first followers, buyers and partners will come from relationship. They will be the ones that have always admired and respected you. If you don’t have any that have been like this to you, then you won’t have many respond. The next group will come from “value”. The value you bring to their lives and the great thing is, it doesn’t matter if you have never brought value to other people, you can start now. If you want your followers to become prospects and then clients/business partners, then make the change and bring value to their lives.

If you don’t completely understand what I mean by bring value, then I recommend you invest $10 and grab my new book called Facebook Profile Mastery. Learn what to post and how to post to generate results. Turn your followers into clients. Check it out here: http://socialmediafornetworkers.com/mastery-ebook/

But let’s talk further about how to prospect on Facebook. There are many things you can do.

1.    Soft Prospecting: This is you putting up posts and waiting for them to come to you. This is what I call a soft approach. It’s the slow boat to China and it will dishearten, deflate and steal your vision. While yes it’s nice and you may get some people respond, it doesn’t generate fast results. To really make this work, you MUST be adding value based content on your profile or page on a regular basis. People must see you and your life and go “WOW, I want that”. This won’t happen if you don’t work out how to bring that reaction. You are an entrepreneur now, this means you don’t play a soft game, you play a hard game, you give it all you have and you go all out. This area is very stressful, there isn’t much happening here and so you never see the results you want.

2.    Focused Prospecting: You start to become strategic in what you do. You look for ways to connect with everyone who sends you a friend request, likes a post or comments and definitely with the ones who share. You work out your scripts and you know your systems. Understanding your funnel becomes imperative to you and you start to become alive. You do everything with a lot more focus, it becomes smooth and not stressful. You enjoy small successes but never have that big breakthrough.

3.    Hair on Fire Prospecting: This is where it all changes and your life goes into overdrive. When you prospect on Facebook like this, you go to sleep at night completely alive and wake up with an energy and drive for the day. You have removed your limitations and are completely ready to do whatever it takes to breakthrough and break free. This is ONLY for those who want real change. You invest in your personal development and you have told those around you that you are not available for a period of time. This is the most exciting time in your networking career. You only do this for a short period of time, but it’s a period that changes everything for you.

I know for many people, about 95%, they stay in “Soft prospecting” mode. They never allow themselves to move any higher than that due to their fear and wrong belief system. However many times it is because they don’t know what to do. it’s their not knowing that stops and hinders them from truly breaking free. However when they get the right training and support, it all changes.

In the next 3 months, I will be taking you through how to move from Soft Prospecting, to Focused and then to Hair on Fire Prospecting. It’s fun and you deserve the success you get.

Let’s do it together.


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