We all want them don’t we, we all want more likes, comments and shares on Facebook. Come on you have to admit, you do because you know that as a business person, those likes, comments and shares mean interaction, community and money. You know that the more involved and engaged your prospects are with your page and your information, the bigger your results will be.

I guess before I get into how to get more likes, comments and shares on Facebook I should explain why you as a business owner, entrepreneur and Network Marketer need them.

Facebook is all about “social community”. Since the inception of Facebook the only thing they have been focused on is “user experience” and the longer we use it, the more time they have to work with and adjust the user experience so that it is better.

When your prospects/clients etc have a good user experience, they like, comment and share your posts, videos and articles. When Facebook sees this, they see you as someone who understands your followers and meets the need that they have. Most business owners miss this vital piece of information and strategy. Too many just spam their timeline with the product/service without bringing any kind of real value and so they end up pushing people away rather than drawing them near.

When you get this strategy right and your information is being shared and liked all over Facebook, Facebook shows your information to more and more people thus creating the ever elusive “Viral Post”! This Viral Post is the one that gets seen by tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands of people in the space of days. People go crazy for the information and share it with passion. They even tell their friends to share it as well so it grows even more momentum.

Imagine having a post that is being liked, commented on and shared thousands of times. We all want it, however, it takes a special post and some pretty good luck to make it happen.

But let’s look at how you get more likes, comments and shares on Facebook:

1.    Quality Content: I have said this many many times before and I will continue to say it. The better the quality of your content, the bigger your following will become and the more your posts will be seen. One of the things I work on is making sure that the information I share with you is of high quality and not just a theoretical knowledge but things I use every day and work. Keep your content at a high standard.
2.    Be Consistent: Consistency in business is everything, I guess its the same in life. You can be consistently bad, consistently ignore peoples’ requests and consistently let people down, obviously this doesn’t work and won’t grow your business or build great relationships. Or you can be consistently good, consistently deliver high quality content and consistently look after people. When you do this, your following will increase.
3.    Cover the 4 personalities: I won’t go into this too much, as I cover it in depth in my course Facebook Profile Master  but you need to understand that when you get this right, your followers will love you. They will interact more and will share more. My greatest challenge is this one, even thought I am the only one I know of who trains on it, my greatest challenge is that I am so task focused, that I miss the funny and the emotional side of things. See we are all learning and changing lol.
4.    Be creative: Allow your imagination and creativity to run free. Use Apps to create great images and videos that draw an emotional response. Adding music to your posts etc is a simple way to get people emotionally connected.
5. Ask people to Like comment and share your post. Believe it or not, this works. It is the simplest thing to do and it gets the biggest results.

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