Develop your very own Facebook Strategy today. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, what experience you have had or what knowledge you know. Before you can start to share it on Facebook, you need to develop a Facebook strategy. You need to know why you are doing it and what you are going to do to get to that point.

Having a plan will bring you so much clarity, when you wake up in the morning you will know what it is you have to get done for the day, it will give you more purpose and allow you to focus. However without a Facebook Strategy you will feel like you are going no where and that you lose time and never get anything done.

Have you ever felt like that? You hop onto facebook and then go “What do I do now?” Don’t worry, if you have you are not alone. Most networkers, home business owners both professionals and amateurs fall into this trap. Instead of spending time on dollar productive activities, they waste their time on things that don’t matter and that don’t produce any kind of positive result. The worst two things I see are:

1.    Playing games
2.    Trolling other peoples accounts

Both of these two are the biggest drain on your energy, your focus and your results. One of the worst things that happens is that your prospects start to look at what you are doing, they see all of those posts you put on your wall about what you have accomplished in some mind sapping and and wealth depleting game and they lose all respect for you that you would be able to lead them in anyway shape or form, unless it is wanting to know how to play a stupid game.

Yes I am being serious and quite blunt around this subject, but I don’t know any network marketer or home business professional who has become wealthy from playing Facebook games.

Then they see you sharing stupid, rude or non value based posts onto your timelines that just annoys them. So instead of unfriending you, they “unfollow” you, so that they don’t have to see what you put up. Is that what you want?

But it all changes when you develop a facebook strategy.


What happens when you develop a Facebook Strategy!


The most important thing that changes is that your attitude changes. When your attitude changes, so does the environment around you. You are more productive, you are more positive and you attract the kind of people who are looking for what you have.

When you have a facebook strategy, you start to analyse what it is you do. You ask questions like “is this what my potential clients/partners are looking for?”

Let me give you some ideas on how to develop a Facebook Strategy for your personal profile.

1.    Start with your profile: Look at your profile photo and your cover photo. Do some comparisons of other peoples profiles and ask how you compare. Don’t just look at your friends, look at the leaders you want to emulate.
2.    Ask yourself “What is my purpose for using Facebook?”. Write it out. That way you know why you are on it.
3.    Remove any negative posts, posts that don’t portray you in the best light.
4.    Take the time to maybe work on a theme for the month or even year.
5.    Look at who you are and work out your “brand”.
6.    Run your ideas past someone who is already active on Facebook and doing well.

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