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I know everyone wants to tell you that the team you are in doesn’t matter and that if you have a network marketing mentor or not doesn’t matter and that you are the only one that matters blah blah blah, I want to actually say something totally different. The team does matter, your upline does matter, your system does matter, having someone teach you how to build a business professionally does matter. Anyone telling you the opposite is lying to you. Now they’re saying it to make you feel good and let you know that you can make it, no matter where you are, and that’s true, however it is definitely easier if you are in an active team, have a true active leader who can truly mentor you and they have a system.

I used to be one of those people or network marketing leaders who would tell people that it doesn’t matter where they are, what team they’re in or what company, that what matters is them. And yes, YOU are the number 1 reason for your success and your failure, that will never change, however if you are in a team that is active, has strong leadership, a system that is proving it works and you are prepared to go to work, it is a lot easier. These are generally lead by a network marketing mentor, someone who has been through the hard knocks of this industry and studied it.

So what do you do if you are in a team that doesn’t show any kind of mentorship or system? Simple, go higher, find the leader who actually knows what they are doing and ask them to mentor you and if you can’t get them, find out who they are mentoring and get that person to mentor you.

You see there is always someone in your upline who knows this industry, they have become a success and they are always and I mean ALWAYS looking for the next leader, especially if the team you are in is weak. So be the one that puts up your hand and says “I am willing to do what it takes, will you show me what to do?”

Now some people will be too stubborn to ask for help or will think they know everything to build their business, however can I suggest you don’t be that person. When you finally find your network marketing mentor be humble enough to say “I don’t know anything, tell me what I need to do and know and then watch me do it!” You see your mentor got where they are because they were prepared to go to work and develop themselves, they will know stuff you don’t know and all true mentors and coaches want to share what they know, the funny thing is, many people want to share what they “think” they know, rather than what they truly do know. But that is a discussion for another time.

Make sure you watch the video below, it will answer a lot of questions for you. I did it while I was in Singapore.

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