The 3 Steps Eric Worre Taught Me To Make Sure People Look At Your Information.

One of the biggest issues we hear from our business partners, especially when they are just getting started is how do we get people to actually look at the information. They give information to someone and they phone them back only to find that the prospect didn’t look at it. Eric Worre taught me this and I still use it to this day.

This is a simple thing to fix and you will increase your percentage chance of getting someone to look at your information by over 90% if you follow this 3 step process that Eric Worre taught me.

  1. Be interested in the prospect, smile and ask lots of questions. Make them feel good being around you and talking to you. No one wants to do anything for someone that makes them feel terrible, but they will do anything for someone that makes them feel amazing.
  2. Make sure you follow my simple network marketing script first and ask them “if I gave you some information would you look at it. The reason I get you to ask this question is because many people don’t actually get permission. They just send the information in email or messenger and expect their prospect to look at it. Of course the prospect sees the email or link and thinks that their friend has gone nuts or is trying to sell them something. So is put off from anything that the friend is trying to promote.
  3. Once you have permission to give them some information use the Power of 3. Meaning ask them 3 times that they will look at it. It goes like this: “If I gave you some information would you look at it?” they say yes, then say “that’s great, so if I gave you some information you will look at it?” they will say “yes” and now your chances have really gone up, because you have 2 yes’s from them, now say “that’s great, thank you, I will give you a call tomorrow at (state a time) and I will answer any questions you have, is that ok?” and bang, you have your 3rd yes.

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