Take my number 1 Facebook Ads Tip

We have been running Facebook Ads now for over 5 years, generated thousands and thousands of leads and some cheaper than any of the gurus would ever tell you (we were getting them for cents in the dollar).

With our Facebook Ads we have run Facebook Like Campaigns, Facebook Video Ads, Offers, Giveaways, Clicks to websites, we have tried nearly every facebook ad there is with varying degrees of results.

The thing I want to get to you today though is this, if something isn’t working that used to work, take a moment to breath and study what has changed.

More than likely you will find out that Facebook has changed their design or algorithm (the way things are shown in your timeline) and this plays a big part in the running of your ads.

I want to give you my number 1 Facebook Ads Tip.

It’s this, I look at what the other marketers are doing and see if their ads have changed. This is what I noticed about Facebook Video Ads. Other marketers who were using them all the time stopped using them and went back to just using an image connected to an optin page. So we have done the same.

It’s important to do the research and then put the time into the design.

Another Facebook Ads Tip I want to give you is the power of the Mastermind. I got a couple of people together that I trust with this kind of thing and we brainstormed what has been working in the past and the direction things are going. We worked on our images, headlines and offer and came up with something we think really is cool. Hopefully it is hahaha

Just remember that as with anything you want to succeed in, you need to put the time, effort and resources you have to become the master. Just because something stops working, doesn’t mean you should, it just means you need to get down and get dirty (or get busy) with finding what has changed and what you need to do.

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