Should I have a business page or just my personal profile on Facebook? A question asked by every network marketer as soon as they start to build using facebook. My answer is Yes and No. Let’s talk about it a little further.

As you start building your network marketing business, and I mean truly building not playing around on the edges thinking you are doing something, your time becomes more and more precious and you don’t have it to waste. This means that you have to be careful where you put your time.

Let’s look at your Facebook Profile first when we answer your question Business page vs Personal Profile.

1.    Your personal profile on Facebook is the place every networker should start, it has your first list. Most people have hundreds of friends right there, hundreds of contacts who each have hundreds of contacts. But the question is how do you get to them in a way that they are repelled by you rather than attracted.
2.    Your personal profile doesn’t cost you anything to get people to look at your posts. Facebook likes to make businesses pay to get people to look at their posts. Interaction on your personal profile is so much higher than on a page.
3.    Your personal profile on Facebook is more social, for some reason as soon as people start a Facebook page, they change, they lose the social aspect of Facebook and become a totally different person.
4.    Your personal profile can only have 5000 friends, while yes that is a limit, not many people actually get to that limit.

So what is the solution to Facebook Business Page vs Personal Profile?

Well let’s look at your page now first.

1.    Your Facebook business page, requires people to “like” your page and even though they may like your page, it doesn’t actually mean they will see your content.
2.    If you are time poor, then running a Facebook Business Page will actually take more time from you.
3.    Your page does allow you to run paid ads from it, this is a good thing but only when you are ready.
4.    Your page can also be connected to a Facebook group now.

OK it’s time to give you my personal opinion on business page vs personal profile on facebook.

I personally believe that at the beginning, you should be running your profile, in my opinion for all networkers, your profile is your Gold Mine on line. All of your friends and their friends are right there. The question is, how do you get to them.

It all comes down to value and your time. People want value, they want life, they want you to enhance who they are and where they are going.

You can do this on your Personal Profile and it’s a great place to start and learn how to do it effectively.

What I do with all of my team is I encourage them to build their personal profile and then when they are ready to move over to a business page. But not until they are ready and they have spent the time learning how to use Facebook. The last thing anyone needs to be doing is wasting time on a second area of Facebook when they don’t have the first area done correctly yet.

The most important

The most important thing to remember is the value you bring. Use your profile and start to bring value to all around you. Enhance their lives and take them on a journey of becoming all they were meant to be.

I have this for you to help you with your journey. It is my 17 Facebook Post Ideas for Networkers, get it now and enjoy.

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