network marketing developmentLet me ask you a question…what does it feel like when you have someone to run the race with, someone who comes along side you and is as excited as you, and wants to run with you every step of the way?

For many people, that kind of experience is never realised, however in this business, it should be happening regularly.

I have a group of friends in my team, they have become my closest friends after working together now for over 7 years and going through the battles that we all experience, battles that have to be fought for you to become the leader you were born to be.

Let me tell you that there is nothing like having someone who you can run the race of chasing your dreams down with.

You get challenged, excited & encouraged all at the same time.

You get forced to grow and not stay in the same place.

One of the biggest walls people face when they have someone to run with, is they think they need to be as good as the other person, this is not the case.

The other person is there to help you stay focused and make sure you are active, not as someone for you to beat…it is not a competition.

So as soon as you can, get someone that you can run the race of building your business. You encourage them and run with them and they do the same with you.

Sure one may have more ability or skill than the other at the start, but over time, things even out very quickly.

The best people to run with, are the ones in your own team.

Make sure you watch the video and tell me your experiences of having someone to build and run with…

Share your experience below about having a running partner…The Good, The Bad & The Ugly lol.

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