My plan to achieve my goals.

I have a simple plan to achieve my goals or getting to the next leadership level in my company…and it goes like this.

I am going to find those people in my team that want to get to their next leadership level and help them achieve their goals, this will then help me achieve mine.

Simple isn’t it… (yes I will recruit as well)

This business has never been and never will be a selfish business, and when I say selfish, I mean, that you have to do all the work, you will need to work as a team to achieve your goals.

While yes, your dreams and goals are purely about what you want, to achieve what you want, you have to put your dreams aside (in a way) and help others achieve theirs. I know it does sound a little crazy, but when it finally clicked that for me to achieve my goals required me to help others achieve theirs, it all turned around. I linked my goals with theirs and everyone became happier!

Many people make the mistake thinking that they have to do all the work. So they go and become recruiting machines, they then find they have no time for anyone else or the time they have becomes fractured and rather than focusing on how they can become better at developing leaders, they keep doing the same.

While I believe we should always be recruiting, it is no good to be the best recruiter and not be any good at team development.

I have some friends in South Africa, top leaders and wonderful people, and their belief, mine as well, is that we are in the leadership development business more than anything else.

So when is recruiting like crazy important?

When you want to start to get momentum. If your business has slowed or is going backwards, you NEED to recruit. It is easier to find new people than it is to raise the dead so to speak. I have some new goals in place now, BIG ones and for me to achieve my goals, I need to recruit, with all of the energy I have.

Achieve My Goals
I didn’t achieve my goals by looking to the weekend like Garfield. I changed my view and looked to my dreams instead!

The way do this is by finding new people to work with and then helping those people achieve their initial goal of making money.

As soon as your new person has money coming into their bank account they can see this business working, their confidence grows and they want to continue.They will be achieving their goals along the way and feeling pretty darn good.

Me personally, I have a simple yet big goal that I want to achieve this year and now we are halfway through the year, I really have to get to work.

To get me started I am going to start a personal recruiting drive. Finding people to work with and get started and then help them make money quickly.

My next step will be to find the people they bring on and work with them and get them to make money.

The simpler the system you have, the faster you can create goals.

I have been guilty of making systems that start off simple only to become a little bit too complicated.

My ideal system is something like:

Say this script, hand out this piece of information, do this presentation and then invite them to join.

Then the next step to achieving my goals is getting the people who partner with us to do the exact some thing, unfortunately, not everyone does. Most people who will get started in business with you, will love the “idea” of starting their own business and going after their dreams, but when it comes to doing the activity that brings success, well that is an entirely different discussion.

So my plan for achieving my goals are exactly what I have told you above:

  1. Find any active people in the teams I am working with that want to achieve their next goal. (I like to work with people who are just getting started, because helping them achieve the first leadership level brings bigger rewards especially if they are at the bottom of a team you are working in. (this will be the discussion of a future post, where in your business should you work)
  2. Pull together those people and create a “!2 Week Massive Action Team”.
  3. Have each of those people (Myself included) write down their goals for each week and also their results and send them to me.
  4. Start my own marketing, prospecting & closing campaign so that I am leading from the front.
  5. Be prepared to do what is needed to be done.
  6. Pray, Pray & Pray some more.
  7. Analyse results and make sure I am focusing on what is working and not wasting time.

My question for you:

So now that you know that I am in a massive action and results based program, I have a question for you.

Would you like to be part of this program with me, would you like to make a decision to chase your dreams and create an incredible lifestyle?

Then if you do, get in contact with me.

Did this help you, I sure hope so, if it didn’t, well let’s make sure we fix that next time and give you even better information. I will need your comments though, they help me to know what you are looking for! Feel free to share this and like it…

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    • Leo Carlson

      Love it James, I would like to be be a part of this program, i am revisiting my Dreams and goals tonight, Thank you so much for all you do.

    • James

      Awesome Leo

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