how to prospect in network marketingAre Your Prepared To Fight For It?

How to prospect to achieve the outcome you want can be a tricky and sometimes, (if you listen to a lot of the teaching out there), scientific experiment.

Today I want to give you my not so secret, secrets to prospecting.

First I want to tell you that I love the network marketing industry, the people and the opportunity that it brings. In my opinion there is nothing like it in the world. It brings out the absolute best and terrible worst in all of us as we go through the highs and lows of building a business from home and learning the all the new skills that are needed.

The great thing about all these skills – You can learn nearly everything you need to learn (theory wise) within your first 90 days if you put in massive action.

Today we get to talk about one of the keys to prospecting in network marketing or MLM.

Some people would have you think that there is a magical formula for you to be making money, however there isn’t. It comes down to a few skills that you learn but a whole heap of what I am about to give you….

What is the one thing you need when prospecting?

Passion and Belief….

People will follow your belief and your passion. Unfortunately both of these are in short supply. People are wanting to believe in something. They are looking for something that they can get behind that will help them achieve their dreams. Unfortunately it is very difficult for them to find that one thing…this is where you come in!

Your passion and belief is the one thing that makes people sit up and take notice, especially when they see a change in your, a change that says “This is what I am doing, so jump on board or get out of the way”.

When prospecting someone, you can’t start and have that fear in your eyes that say’s: “I am not sure if this is going to work out…” you need to have the posture that shows you KNOW it is going to work out and that this IS your future and if the people you are prospecting to don’t jump on board then they will miss out and be left behind.

So when prospecting people for your network marketing or MLM business. Allow them to know that you are not wavering and that is NOT plan B, let them see that this is plan A…

They may not come on board straight away, but in 6 to 12 months time, when they see that you are still doing the same thing and your belief is still there, they will…










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