Luciano Fidalgo talks on building a global home based business.

Luciano Fidalgo is a friend of mine whom I have admired for many years, he has been in home based business now for over 29 years and knows first hand how to build a global business.

We were chatting on Facebook about “Social Mobile Global” and what that means for the home entrepreneur.

Today more than ever the opportunity to grow a large global business from home has become real. Stories of normal everyday people like you and I earning 6 and 7 figure annual incomes is becoming, dare I say, very common.

But what has made it so common, what has made the once seemingly impossible dream a reality for so many?

Well today Luciano Fidalgo and I talk a little about this and the impact that social media, smart phones, web conferencing etc has had on home based business and what direction we believe the future is going.

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