How important is it for network marketing leaders to visit their team

Does a network marketing leader have to visit their team? Well let me answer this very directly…Do you want to make a little bit of money or a lot of money? Do you want to have a small team that you have to keep rebuilding or a large team of leaders? Do you really want to achieve your dreams or are you really only just hoping you will?

So I guess you can see what my answer is from the questions I have asked you. I watch many people who say they want a six figure income however they don’t want to travel to see their teams. They actually wait and hope their upline will do it for them or they use the excuse that they can’t get away or don’t have the money.

The best way to look at things like this is to ask yourself questions like Network Marketing Leaders do:

  • How does it make me feel when I see my upline?
  • If success leaves clues, what clues can I gather from the most successful network marketing leaders I see in my company, are they travelling, do they visit their teams or do they sit at home and do nothing? Of course they travel, they invest in their businesses and make things happen.
  • When a network marketing leader visits, does their seem to be more activity and results compared to when they are not there? Of course there is.
  • Do I want my team to travel to see their teams? Of course you do, you are developing leaders not followers, people who will do what they need to do, however you have to remember they are watching what you are doing, they rarely listen to what you say lol. Your actions speak louder than words.
  • What is my team feeling when I don’t make the effort to go help them, especially if they really want to grow? If you are not being the leader they need, they will find someone who will be. Either they will leave and find another team in the same company or they will find another company altogether. neither of these are a good option.

I read a book recently called The Richest Man in Babylon. I loved it, it was the second time I had read it. One of the stories is that we should invest 10% of our income and then the money that the investment makes, we should reinvest it and only take money from the “reinvestment” or in words from the children’s children… Your 10% is the parent, the return on the 10% is the child and then the return from the reinvestment of the 10% is the children’s children.

Use this example in your business, how much are you putting back into your business, are you investing back or are you being a selfish, greedy or unwise leader? I know pretty harsh isn’t it, however it is real.

This kind of network marketing leader thinks that the money they make from the efforts of their team comes with no strings attached, you couldn’t be more wrong. The string is attached to the blood, sweat and tears of your team. It is attached to their hopes and their dreams. They want you to recognise them and the effort they are putting in by reinvesting back into them and getting along side them and building a relationship with them.

Investing into your business does not include the book you buy once per month or your automatic order. I am talking about investing in advertising, investing in travel and investing in people.

The money you are now making, you never had before, so learn to live without it.

Your business will require an investment, you can’t keep spending all of your money, if you do, you will never get anywhere. You need money to build your business faster. Look at the money as money you never had before, make a determination that you won’t spend it all. You used to live without it, just because you are making it, doesn’t mean you should now go and spend it all on “stuff”.

Let’s say you have started to make an extra $300 per month, but you only NEED to order $100 per month (if you order more than that, then that is your cost, not a business expense) then now you are making an addition $200 per month that you never had before. Instead of spending all of that, start to be wise with your money:

  • Invest/save 10% – $20 leaves $180
  • Put a $100 aside for advertising/travelling leaves $80
  • Invest in your book and CDs that you should be buying for self development $30 leaves $50
  • Now shout yourself something nice with your $50

Obviously this is an example and you should talk to your upline leader/mentor if this would work for you. I just wanted to give you an example of what you could do. Rather than having the money land into your bank account and never seeing it again, have a plan for it. Tell your partner that you need to invest and save at the same time and then watch your money grow and watch your business grow.

What about if you have children? I can hear all you mums say. Well a lot of the ladies I work with take their kids with them, they make a trip of it and a fun excursion or they find a baby sitter, they find a way.  Network Marketing Leaders find a way. There are many reasons why you can’t, you have the find the reason why you can! I see too many leave it to their upline to do the work rather than take leadership and do it themselves. You NEED to be the leader, network marketing leaders know that they need to be the leader, especially to make the money they need to make.

So here’s my tips:

  1. Save some of your money you make every month, don’t spend it. It’s you investment for your future. At least 10%
  2. Invest in your business. This includes advertising and traveling to see your team.
  3. A leader MUST go and see their team and do meetings. If you have a leader that is starting to grow, if you are not going to help them, they will see you as selfish and ask themselves why they should stay with you.
  4. Find a way… there are always going to be excuses and there is always going to be a way… find a way!!!

alfredo bala mannatechNetwork marketing leaders find a way as often as they can to be in with and in front of their teams, they know the importance of being the influence in their lives and leading by example.

A great friend of mine and company CEO, Alfredo Bala summed everything in this article up in 1 simple line. He commented on my article when I put it up online…








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