Network Marketing Leaders learn this very quickly because they know that if they don’t, their dreams will never be realised and their network marketing business goes on “go slow”.

So what is it that the learn? Simple they learn that they need to treat their business seriously, they need to have set work times and remove distraction. They know that as soon as they take their business seriously, other people will as well. They also know that their team is watching them, their team is looking for excuses and/reasons to not face their fears and if their leader isn’t working, then it means that they don’t have to work.

So let’s look at this today and check out solutions for you as a network marketing leader.

I was doing  a weekly catch up yesterday with one of my leaders. They were telling me about the struggles they have with friends and family always wanting their time because she “Worked From Home”. The way they see it is that because they worked from home then they should be available to look after the kids, run errands and just do stuff for them that they could do themselves.

Others have said to me that their trouble is not family, it comes from church or different organisations that see working from home as a “hobby” and not something that is serious, so they find themselves always volunteering so they don’t feel as though they let anyone down.

The thing to understand is that the problem here is NOT the family or the organisation, the issue is actually the Network Marketing Leader not taking what they do seriously enough. It is quite possible that the leader looks at the business as a business that they can run at any time and around life, rather than life happening around the business. And while yes this is true, it is also only half-true.

The truth is that it is a business and just like any business, it will require effort and time management. It will require you to take it seriously and while distraction or intrusions are continually allowed, then results will be low.

Do yourself a favour today, have a little notepad on you and overtime there is a distraction or intrusion that has nothing to do with your business, put a mark, and then next to the mark, write down how much time it took away from you. You will be surprised at how much time is being stolen or given to non productive activities.

Questions to ask yourself to determine what you should do as the Network Marketing Leader:

I know some of you that are reading this are thinking “but the stuff they come to me with is important and I need to deal with it”.

  • I don’t deny that, just ask yourself, do you need to deal with it immediately or can it be dealt with later?
  • Does it have to be you that does it or could it be someone else?
  • If you had a job or this happened while you were at work, how would you react differently?

All of these questions will help you see the reality of the situation and what is truly required of you.

What if you are the person who is always asking the leader for help?

Now you maybe reading this and realising that you have been asking the Network Marketing Leader to stop working so they can do things for you. What can you do? It is quite simple.

  • First have a discussion with them and do your best to understand what it is they do and what is required of them. If you don’t understand, how can you support them.
  • Do your best to understand that this is important to the Network Marketing Leader, they have their dreams attached to it and most of the time, their dreams include the person/people who mean the most to them.
  • Ask yourself “is what I need something that only they can help with or can someone else help me or even better, can I do it myself”.
  • If the Network Marketing Leader is your partner/spouse then make sure you have talked about expectations and also results. Talk about what you need and also what they need. You are the strength and the energy they will need to succeed. If you are not giving them the support they need, the words they need, the time they need and more, then they will not have the energy to succeed. I have seen so many times that the network marketing leader failed not because they didn’t have the skill, but because they didn’t have the support or agreement from home. Imaging what you could do if they DID succeed, how would your life change if in 2 – 5 years time, money and time were no longer an issue in your life?

Your Responsibility As A Network Marketing Leader!

Please remember that you set the pace of your team, your team will follow your lead IF you lead. So the way you handle these things is an example to your team. Your teams are looking for a reason to succeed, however many times they are also looking for a reason to not succeed, because this way they don’t have to overcome their fears, they can stay in their place of comfort and be happy, well happy at a level a very low-level.

You as the leader needs to show that you are not just cruising through, that you have taken your business seriously and that you have shown the people around you that you have taken your business seriously. This gives your team permission to do the same, because if you don’t do this, it also gives your team permission to NOT take it seriously and you will sit there always asking “Why isn’t my network marketing team doing anything”? The answer will always be the same, because you’re not.

We as leaders have a responsibility to lead the way, to be out front showing what to do by example. We are always the example and always on show. So be the best example you can be.

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