Preperation kills fear.

Overcoming FearIf you have been reading my posts for any period of time, you would know that I am a martial arts enthusiast. I train in Hapkido with a fantastic instructor who has become a good friend.

Recently we were training and as is our tradition at the end of each class we sit down and discuss what we have learnt in the class. This one day, Phil said to the class that “preparation kills fear”. I had to totally agree with what he said. He is 100% correct.

The more you train or practice something, the more confident you become when you need to use it.

Most people don’t put the time into their practice and preparation but they still expect great results. The problem with that, is it never works.

In a recent post on network marketing training, I wrote on the importance of practice.

You need to remember that practice does not make perfect though…”Perfect practice makes perfect”. So what are you practicing.

When you combine preparation with the other information I have given you on how to overcome fear you set yourself up for success.

Become a student again. Become the person that devours information and training so that each time you are in the position where you will need that information, you are ready to use it.









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