Dexter YagerDexter Yager Gets The Credit Where Credit Is Due.

If you have been around the network marketing industry for any period of time you would more than likely have heard of this legend, Dexter Yager.

You could say that Dexter Yager was the pioneer of the “network marketing system”. Yes I know there have been many other people who have brought brilliant training systems to the industry, but I don’t believe any could compare to what he did for the industry and the legacy he has given.

Before any of you start thinking that I am in Dexter Yagers Amway business, I want to make one thing clear, I AM NOT. I just want to give credit where credit is due.

Dexter Yager was a pioneer in his time, and because of his efforts many hundreds if not thousands of people around the world have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars some even millions.

So do Dexters Principles still work today?
I believe they do. You see Dexter realised something that most people never understand. “People want to belong and believe”. This is what his system has done. It gave people something to belong to and helped them believe they could do it.

Can it be improved?
ABSOLUTELY…Yes his systems still work but they can also be improved. Technology today is allowing people to grow businesses at a speed that in the past would have only been dreamed of.

Be one of the new type of Network Marketing Entrepreneurs, and combine the proven systems that Dexter developed, with the training and marketing systems of today, and you will see the success you are looking for.


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