Our Simple Facebook Marketing Strategy

To build a large network marketing business, you need to make everything duplicatable. This includes developing a simple facebook marketing strategy.

More and more people we speak to during the interview segment of the initial contact, make a statement like this: “I want to use facebook to market or the internet, can you show me how?”. Many times they have no clue what they are talking about, because they have never done anything online before. So learning a simple facebook marketing strategy becomes imperative for your brand new person who wants to work online.

Even though I do not believe that facebook marketing or even the internet is necessary for success, I do believe it is becoming more and more important.

Having a simple facebook marketing strategy and platform allows anyone and yes I do mean anyone, to get started in their home based business, follow some steps and have leads asking for more information within 24 hours or even sooner.

One of the problems you will have though, no matter how simple your facebook marketing strategy is, people will still freeze because results require action first. They require the new home business owner to be prepared to go to work and do what is needed.

People will always say something is too difficult, whether it is talking to someone they know or don’t know, starting an ad campaign or adding someone to a facebook group.

Everything you will ever do, will require you to do something different, learn and develop a new skill and stretch your thinking.

It is uncomfortable to change and learn something new. Everytime I have to learn something new, I feel like my brain is fighting me and that I am going through some kind of tourture but I beat it into submission and force it to learn. When I start to frown I put a smile on my face instead. This automatically makes me see things a little differently.

We have been using this simple facebook marketing strategy for years and it has been one of the main sources if not the main source of leads for us since 2011.

Even though we have found that advertising has been getting more and more expensive, we still find that marketing on facebook far out weighs the cost, especially if you are prepared to do the follow up and the follow through.

Our simple facebook marketing strategy is very simple:

  1. Find someone to talk/connect with. Start with your facebook friends.
  2. Invite them to be a friend if they are not already a friend. You may have found your new contact on one of the facebook groups or even offline and then found them on facebook.
  3. Add them to a group. Make this a group you and your team personally manage. This way the flow of information is controlled.
  4. Follow up. Just because you add them to a group that has a lot of amazing information within it, don’t just leave it there. Make sure you have a process for follow up. I would mark it in your to do list or diarise it to call them.
  5. Talk to them some more. Ask them what they liked about the information they saw within the group.
  6. Show them a presentation. Make the presentation nice and simple. Something that is full of testimonies. I have an article I wrote here on Home Meeting Presentation. Head over there and check it out.
  7. Invite them to buy. Make sure you know how to close someone. Ask your upline how to do this.

I know you wish it was harder than that, and yes there are certain scripts, presentations and funnels we use to get a result but they are our intellectual property and we won’t be giving them to people outside out team lol. (if you are looking for a team to join, then let me know)

But if you take this simple facebook marketing strategy and then develop it you will enjoy the results.

Watch this video for more information:

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Network Marketing Training Today head dude ~ James Hannan

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