Why is The Social Entrepreneur Program the Network Marketing Solution

I have to say that when Mannatech first announced that they were going to be a social entrepreneur program to me, I was not only confused but I was concerned.

Firstly I had no idea what being a Social Entrepreneur actually meant and it just seemed like another distraction that made us out to look like a charity rather than a true home business solution.

In my eyes, things were good if not great. We have (and still have) wonderful products, Mannatech has paid out over a Billion Dollars in remuneration to its associate base, and have a solid foundation for continued growth.

I didn’t want to change and let’s face it, who actually WANTS to change?

I couldn’t see how this new program called Social Entrepreneur would do anything and in fact I thought it would take away from the amazing story we already had and the attractiveness of the business, because my fear is that people would see the Mannatech opportunity more as a charity asking for money, rather than a solution.

I should explain what a Social Entrepreneur actually is before I get any further.

A Social Entrepreneur is someone who sees major problems on a global scale and instead of doing what most people do and hope that someone else will fix it, they combine the passion and purpose of a not for profit entity with the capital and profit-producing power of a for-profit company.

In other words, a company looks at the problem and partners with charitable solutions to the problem and then finds a way to completely defeat the problem.

In our case, our company, Mannatech, decided that the problem of global malnutrition was the biggest problem facing the world today and we had the solution to fix it.

You see 5 million children under the age of 5 die each year, not because they don’t get enough food, but because the food they get has very little to no nutrition in it.

Our company has the patent on the nutrition those children need, so they decided to give that nutrition to the kids in need of nutrition and they are paying a lot of money to people who want to help them do it.

Sounds like a good plan doesn’t it? I mean when you read about a company who says: “OK we are going to eliminate global malnutrition and we are going to pay you a lot of money to help us do it” you would think that everyone would see how amazing that actually is and would jump on board immediately.

Not me…You see I couldn’t see the gold of this opportunity. I couldn’t see that being a social entrepreneur would be any benefit to me, my business and my team.

Don’t get me wrong, I liked the idea of nourishing kids, but as a business solution, I didn’t really get it.

Then I end up having a conversation with a friend of mine who opens my eyes (kind of by slapping me up the side of the head with a 4 by 2 piece of wood) and shows me what it truly means to the network marketing and home business arena when we bring the social entrepreneur program in and show people how to use it.

And it only took 2 sentences that changed everything.

I will give those two sentences in another post, today I want you to understand that I was not a true believer in what being a social entrepreneur is and what it actually meant.
I couldn’t see how to position my business it in a way that people could see the opportunity of social entrepreneur and how it could change their lives while at the same time changing the lives of everyone around them.You see my problem was I couldn’t see the next step, actually I couldn’t see the first step.

Since then we have been able to put together a complete program that enables anyone to get started, become a social entrepreneur, build a business, and not have the same conflict and problems that a normal network marketing program has.

You actually don’t lose your friends or family, in fact they WANT to hear about it and get started with you.
Imagine that, you now have a way that you can actually speak to the people you love and care about with no fear.

You can show them a business that works without the push back from everyone you know.

The key to building your business as a social entrepreneur is making sure you know and understand what to say and how to position yourself so that others want to be a part of what you are doing.

Don’t get me wrong, you can still stuff it up, you can still say things in a way that others don’t actually want to hear about it and they will reject you but if you are professionally trained with a system that takes you through each step, you will be equipped to be a magnet that attracts rather than repels.

You see the social entrepreneur program allows people to connect with their desire to live a life of meaning and purpose. It also allows them to connect with the ability to make money and actually feel good while they do it.

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