So I had this Facebook message today from one of my leaders asking about the social entrepreneur program, and is the way it is being used, a scam or out of integrity, and you know what, if I had of had that question 6 months ago, I am not sure I would have had the answer.

Firstly, we were not really using the Social Entrepreneur Model 6 months ago, and secondly, it hadn’t made its way from my head to my heart at that point in time.

You could also say that God had not yet given me the revelation around this new business model of Social Entrepreneur.

I believe everything happens at the right time, not only for me, but for you as well, and also for the Network Marketing and Home Based Business Industry as a whole. The Social Entrepreneur Model is going to change everything and HAS changed everything, however, there are some things that need to happen first.

In our company, we have had some problems implementing the social entrepreneur program. It has not been an easy road. One of my friends was saying that he heard the founder say a while a go that “James (talking about me) was starting to get it, but he is still not all the way there. He still had a “hang over” from the old business model of straight network marketing.”

When I heard that I laughed, because he was right, I did!! I think there will always be a small part of that inside of me because it’s what I used to build our business that turns over millions and it gives us an amazing lifestyle.

However I am very happy to let go of something old which worked very well, but has now morphed into something POWERFUL with amazing possibilities. It was hard to let it go, don’t get me wrong. But I am glad I have.

The biggest problem that most of the leaders around the world have had, has been making the shift from marketing this business the traditional way to making the switch to Give For Real or The Social Entrepreneur Model.

“Opportunity of Social Entrepreneur” versus “The Charity of Social Entrepreneur”

I personally could not understand how to show the “Opportunity of social entrepreneur” versus “the charity of social entrepreneur”.

You see when I initially heard about a program that nourishes a child every time a product is sold, immediately I thought, they just want my money and I am not sure about the product… however when I realised that we have the best products and that they actually don’t want my money, they want me to have a lucrative business, and possibly one of the most lucrative in the network marketing world through the compensation plan we have, my whole world changed.

It wasn’t until I spent time with Sam Caster, read some more information, and spoke with some of my team who saw the social entrepreneur opportunity immediately, (yes I had team members and prospects who saw how powerful this was as a business model and a cause before I did) did I understand that Social Entrepreneur HAS to become the model we use.

The Social Entrepreneur program is the WAY we do business….

The Social Entrepreneur program is not a strategy, it is the way we do business, and it is ALL about the kids AND creating a LIFESTYLE for those who partner with us. It is not an either/or scenario, they are combined, interconnected and can not be separated. They cannot work without each other.┬áThe cause “nourishing kids” is the REASON we build this business and so is “creating a lifestyle”.

BECAUSE you succeed children’s lives are changed by being nourished…imagine that!!!

You see EVERYONE is looking for a way to create a better lifestyle and they are also looking for a way that they can feel extremely good about their life in a giving non-selfish way. The wonderful thing about the Social Entrepreneur program is that we get to do both.

There are a few keys to making social entrepreneur work…the main one is making social entrepreneur WHO WE ARE not just a strategy. The lifestyle component CANNOT be removed from the impact we are wanting to make on children’s lives, because we cannot make that impact without the success of our social entrepreneurs and business partners.

When we speak to people about what we do, and we show them the lifestyle, and nourishing children through the social entrepreneur model, people get to choose what they connect with most. Some only see the kids, while others only see the marketing strategy around the social entrepreneur program, and then there are some that get it straight away and see the interconnected power of joining both together.

This is the true power of Social Entrepreneur when both the CAUSE and the LIFESTYLE are brought together as a true Win/Win!!

I want you to understand that the way you make the social entrepreneur program work is by not making it just a part of who you are, but by making it WHO YOU ARE!!!

The Social Entrepreneur program is not a charity, it is a BUSINESS WHICH HAS A CAUSE, a responsibility to take on a major social problem and FIX IT, it is something that rewards the entrepreneur and rewards the cause, and for us the “cause” is, children who are malnourished.