How do you overcome a competing commitment and get on with actually achieving the goals you have in your life. Goals doesn’t seem like the right word, dreams, desires, purpose would be a better way to express what not being able to manage your competing commitments would be better.

You see, your competing commitments and your inability to get over a competing commitment is stealing a future from you that you want and you may not even know the mechanisms that are going on within you that are making this happen. Instead you continue on in life allowing yourself to be tossed around by different thoughts, attitudes and beliefs that hold you back. But its also your negative desires that are playing a major part in this process.

It’s your negative desires that masquerade as positive ones that are the ones that act like a thief in the night to steal your life and destroy your future. You accept the subtle little lies they speak into your ear and into your mind and heart as though they are real and follow their direction as you are lured to a slow painful death that happens so quietly and effortlessly that even though you realise it is happening, you feel powerless to do anything about it because you are unaware that it is evil in its nature and it is a lie that is being spoken to you that comes from your flesh not from The Spirit that draws you into and onto great things.

This thief in the night is your competing commitment and as I said in yesterday’s article, you will always have them. It’s about learning how to manage them and then manage your expectations and the outcome of your choice.

How do you overcome your competing commitment though.

1.    First you need to understand you have one: Believe me you will have more than one, in fact you probably have one going on right now. One part of you will be saying “Don’t read this article, check out your Facebook Feed or watch TV or do something else” while the other part of you is saying “I need to change, I need to learn, I need to grow and this will help me.” This is happening because your brain has a safety mechanism that keeps you away from being uncomfortable. And you have been trained to believe that anything that is uncomfortable is bad. However that is wrong. Being comfortable and not pushing through leads to a lazy and unfulfilled life. You know it and so do I.

2.    Choose: Now that you know you have a competing commitment, you have to choose, choose which one will you follow. The one that will keep you in your current situation or the one that will change things. Remember choices are not evil in their own right, they are just a choice. It’s the actions that we do that are either good or bad etc. But how do you choose the right one the one that will build you up and take you down the right path?

3.    Feed: Now it’s time feed the outcome you want. You must connect all of your thoughts, emotions and dreams with the process you are about to embark upon. What you feed will grow. So just like the competing commitment you may have right now about reading this article, you must keep telling yourself why you are reading it and remember what change will bring to your life and how good it will be.

4.    Be Accountable: Find someone to help you on your journey. You must set a goal and have something to aim for. If you don’t you won’t ever hit anything. You will overcome your competing commitment so much easier when you have a lot of high energy short term focused goals that require your energy and focus and having someone to remind you of what you are doing and why and by when helps in so many areas.

While these are just four ways to help you overcome your competing commitment, they are four powerful steps that when you connect with them and use them, they will help you.

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