What should a network marketer tweet on twitter.

Have you ever wondered what a network marketer should tweet on twitter? (try saying that 3 times fast, it’s not that easy)

While remembering that twitter is a social media platform there are ways to be promoting your business and offer. But stick to this rule. 95%/5%…. 95% of what you tweet should be social, fun, interesting and NON-BUSINESS. The other 5% should be very targeted marketing.

Here are my personal favourite things to tweet on twitter:

  1. Fun: I love to put up funny images and quotes, this makes being on my twitter feed light hearted. I personally believe that people’s lives are stressed enough as they are, they don’t need me bombarding them with more negativity or social injustice, what they want from me is someone who could bring a little light in the darkness. Someone who could bring  smile to their face or relief to a bad situation. The last thing I want them to feel on my twitter feed is that it is overwhelming, boring and sad.
  2. Quotes: Business & Spiritual. I love a good quote personally, and so when I find a good one I want to share it. I am a Christian and so I also love to share things from God because I find they bring me peace. No I don’t believe in sharing the fire and brimstone stuff (although there is a time for that it’s just not twitter hahaha), I would rather share inspiration, encouragement and life. This is both in my business and bible quotes.
  3. Articles: I also like to share my business articles/videos in my twitter feed. People seem to enjoy reading them and my traffic to my website has doubled since using Twitter marketing. I do want to say though, that there is more training required for how to use twitter correctly when it comes to a full on marketing campaign. We will put something together in the near future around this.
  4. Offers: Remembering that my offers only appear 5% of the time, I make sure my twitter offers are very specific and targeted. I don’t want people receiving my stuff who aren’t interested. It’s not good for them or me.

Yes you can a heap more things in here if you like, but before you go, I want to say what not to tweet. This is very important as I see too many people making the mistake of thinking that the social media hangout is also their “outlet” for whatever they want to say. Don’t do that, it will look badly on you.

Don’t swear, talking about getting drunk or using drugs. That is for people who are not trying to build a business on Twitter or if they are, it’s a different kind of business to what we are talking about today. With your profile image and photos, keep them clean, don’t be rude or crude. Remember you want to be the one that brings light and life, the one that encourages and uplifts.

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