Should You Be Using Attraction Marketing?

Well my answer to this is, does a fish belong in the water or does a human need oxygen? OF COURSE!!!

As I said in my last post that outlined what attraction marketing actually is, understanding and using this phenomena will be the one thing that changes your results forever.

The big question is: “Should you be using attraction marketing and start building a blog and working online…?”

Well my answer is going to be a little different to a lot of the online gurus in this industry. My answer is NO…

If you don’t have the patience or time to start building a blog, writing articles, joining forums and submitting content, then building online may not be for you.

This does not mean that you have to drop attraction marketing though.

What it does mean is that you use the strengths that you already have and then have a system that helps develop not only your strengths but the strengths of the people that come into your team.

You see, you will have people join your team who are great offline and engage people really well, all they will need is to know how to send an email, and put people into their autoresponder. You don’t want these people getting totally confused and overwhelmed trying to learn a heap of stuff that is just going to slow them down. Attraction Marketing is not just about online…and this is one thing that many people get mixed up with.

They think that to be good in network marketing and develop attraction marketing skills, you have to be good at online marketing. This is not true. Yes there are definitely some things that you should know that will ENHANCE results, like using webinars, autoresponders and landing pages, but the key is to NOT get caught up with time-consuming stuff that will just frustrate and generate no results.

So to answer the question…”should you be using attraction marketing?”
YES but use it in the area that you have a real strength and desire. There is no need to throw the baby out with the bath water. You were blessed with certain skills, use and develop them to become the best at them. When you do, others will seek you out.

If you are good with people, then develop that skill, if you are great in front of a computer and have a real analytical focused brain, then develop that…

There is a place in Network Marketing for all strengths and abilities and attraction marketing, (which is just another way of saying; “The ability to attract people to you, to buy your product or service”) is something that everyone can learn and in fact, I believe everyone already knows…they just have not tapped into it as yet.

So take the time to learn attraction marketing, one of the videos in our 7 day video bootcamp will take you through in depth on how to use it, so make sure you have grabbed your copy…

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