You’re a Network Marketing Professional, it’s time you learnt what is Facebook to you and your team. I am praying as I write this article that your mind would be opened and the eyes of your understanding would be enlightened to what I am about to share and the opportunity that is in front of you.

As always in Network Marketing it is the field, the associates, the reps who drive behaviours, drive results. While corporate can and will do everything they can to support us, it comes down to you the professional network marketer to take what has been given to you and do something with it. I see so many corporate staff burning themselves out trying to motivate the unmotivated and move the unmovable. I love our companies’ corporate team, they are the most compassionate, hard working, giving and professional group of people you could ever hope for. We work hand in hand to get things done.

I have seen them cry when an associate loses their dream and celebrate when one achieves their greatest hope. They are wonderful, but they can only do so much. No matter how good your corporate team is the results will always come back to you, the business owner to learn the strategies, develop the skills and build your desire to make something happen. Even though it would be nice to be able to sit back and wish that corporate would do everything for us, it is our business, your business, your future. So let’s get on with it. (I don’t know why I wrote that, but I do believe it was for you as much for me).


What is Facebook then to the Network Marketing Professional?

It’s an answer to what I just wrote. It is an unlimited supply of people to connect with, to talk to, to inspire, to build up and to take on the journey of your products and business. It is a blue ocean of prospects that are screaming out for what you have, you just have to be prepared to find them and learn how to communicate with them.

The language of Facebook.

Facebook is a new country and it is saying come and check me out. Come and meet my people, build relationships and share your experiences. You may think that there are many different languages on Facebook, however there really is only one, it is “relationship”. To speak this language you must be prepared to be real while at the same time learn the smart way of marketing what you have.

Facebook is the new land of opportunity if you are prepared to see it. In the past, when a new country was being occupied men and women would be out in the fields doing back breaking labour. Remove tree stumps, boulders and building new homes in the heat of summer and the bitterness of winter. It was hard work, however they would go beyond what the average person is willing to do today because they could see what doing the back breaking work today would mean for their future.

Now think about what is facebook to your future!

While you don’t have to out into the blistering sun of summer or the freezing chill of winter to learn Facebook, you do have to put in time to learn it. If you do it will be like the frontiersman of old who saw new land and new opportunities and became wealthy because they were prepared to do the work.

Imagine what it would mean to you if you allowed yourself to become professionally trained and equipped. If you started seeing yourself worthy and allowed yourself to invest in skills that you will have for a lifetime and be mentored along the way. What would that be like for you, where would that allow you to go, would your life change, how would people look at you, what would your children think about you and the opportunities you would give them?

I know I am asking some very big and deep questions, but they are questions that need to be asked and you answer in the privacy of your own heart.

Many times we don’t value ourselves enough to invest or believe in ourselves enough to believe even with the right training that we could succeed.

I want you to know you do have value and it’s much more than you could possibly believe and you can succeed and will succeed if you stay the course.

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I have a special message for you in this video. It will cover more on What is Facebook but it will also speak directly to your heart of who you are.



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