Do you want want to know if you have a fear of being conned or a fear of being scammed? There’s an interesting dynamic that happens when people talk to friends about something they’re excited about. Actually I should say when people talk to “some” friends. Those friends instead of listening, trusting and believing what their close, loving & kind friend, the one that has looked after their children, bought them coffee, encouraged them in their difficult times; This person has all of a sudden become the devil incarnate. The thought that their friend could actually know something they don’t, make money from them buying a product or even be a mentor to them in business rings all kinds of warning bells inside of them. Anything that this loving friend has to say can’t be true and you no longer see them as the friend you would do anything for, now you see them as a scam artist. You push them away, you don’t return calls, you ignore texts and even go so far as to unfriend them from Facebook because they tried to share something they were excited about with someone they thought was a friend…

Do you see how strange that is?

Do you have a fear of being conned or a fear of being scammed? Do you trust people (your friends) or are you always sceptical? When someone comes to you with an idea, an opportunity or a way to make money or even improve your health, do you immediately go on the skeptical and become the “research analyst” thinking “I am not sure about anything you are saying.” You think to yourself “I am going to do all my research and find out whether this really is right or not”?

Let’s face it. You have never really researched anything in the past, and you are more than likely not going to do any real research in what your friend is telling you. They only thing you are going to research is any negative stuff you can find. You obviously think you are doing this to save your friend from making a terrible decision. But in fact you are doing it all for yourself. And not all of it is good.

Why would you do this?

Let’s start with a couple of nice things before we get into the not so nice options…Only you will know which one is the truth.


  1. You are interested in what they are saying and you are looking for the good, if you find anything that’s negative you are still going to look for the good. Because you are smart enough to know that you don’t believe everything you read on the internet, both bad and good.
  2. You want to support your friend and help them find ways to market their product or business because you want to see them succeed.
  3. Whatever else you can think of….

Now we need to look at the other side, the side that says you have a fear of being conned or a fear of being scammed.

  1. You research the stuff but spend 95% of your time on looking at any negative rather than trusting your friends experience or word.
  2. You do no research at all but tell them you did and that you are just not interested, even though their product is guaranteed.
  3. You do research and don’t find anything bad but still don’t want to trust your friend or their product even though it is risk free.

You my friend if you do any of the last 3 have a fear of being conned or a fear of being scammed. YES there are many many many more examples you can add. I am sure you know all of them.

My 2 cents worth – How to get over your fear of being conned or your fear of being scammed

Decide to trust your friend, buy their product, trial it and I mean really trial it. Write down your journey on the product from the beginning. Eg: If it is a health product write down how you feel at the start, including all aches and pains etc and then chart it each week to see if there is any change. If you do this your friend will be so thankful, and you will show how much of a friend you are and how much you care.

It’s tough getting into business for yourself and then to continue. Most people fail, but don’t let their failure be because you as a friend decided not to trust. Your trust issues are keeping you in the situation you are in right now. It may be that you are missing business opportunities as well. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen people tell me how bad financially things are for them and when I have tried to speak to them about what I do, they don’t even look. (I’ve made MILLIONS and helped others do the same), they reject the hand of the person that was there to help them.

I know that trusting someone is hard, however these people care for you. Thats why they’re your friends. I do believe in wisdom and I do believe in doing your own due diligence but do it with an open mind. If you find anything wrong g, ask your friend about it and see if they can answer it. Don’t do it with malice, do it with care.

I hope this has helped you know and also get through your fear of being conned or fear of being scammed.

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