Marketing On Facebook – Is This The Death Of Facebook

Facebook just announced they lost 6,000,000 users from the US market in May, so do you think that this is the death of the company or the death of marketing on facebook?

Of course NOT…but the message it does send is one of caution.

Too many people are starting to make the same mistake that others made with google. They are relying on one form of lead generation to the detriment of their business and their livelihood.

Marketing on Facebook has got to be one of the most fun and rewarding enterprises I have done to date, do I still have a heap to learn…YES but EVERYONE does…social media marketing is still an animal that no one has been able to tame.

So why am I saying that this result from Facebook is a wind of caution?

Well as you should know when you rely on someone else to build your business for you, you are playing with fire. Is this is what many network marketers are doing? They have become good at copy-writing and making pretty landing pages, however, when it comes to the number one most important skill for network marketers, people are falling very short.

You see, success in your network marketing business does not come from being able to write some wonderful copy or create the best fan page, it comes from being able to create the best relationships and then help those people create their dreams through you being the cheer squad.

So take this little bit of advice… don’t just advertise on Facebook…BUILD RELATIONSHIPS…when you do this, Marketing on Facebook will become one of the most rewarding experiences of your life.

I am going to take you through the strategies myself and my team use for marketing on Facebook over the next months or so. So make sure you subscribe to our emails so you can be kept up to date on when we release them.

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