Network Marketing Training Tip No.1:  Learn To Walk Through Walls

Yes this is a serious question and when you understand what I mean, it will be one of your greatest network marketing training tips you will ever learn.

So let me ask you that again: Do you walk through walls and if you don’t…you have already failed…

Let me explain
Last night I was at the dojang where I do my Hapkido training (a form of martial arts). I am very fortunate to be trained by a world champion and amazing instructor.

When I first started training in Hapkido I never thought that it would be a network marketing training ground for me and for many of my team and friends around the world.

I never know what wisdom or new network marketing training tip I am going to walk away with, however I can almost guarantee that at every session I get something that gets me so excited I feel like I need to race back here to tell you about it. You don’t need to go through the hours of training to get this, you just need to read this blog.

So here’s what I learnt.

Network Marketing Training Tip 1: Last Night I learnt how to walk through walls…
It’s OK…I have not figured out how to literally walk through solid structures however, the principal I was taught is similar.

Have you ever wondered why some people are able to seemingly hit their targets whenever they choose, but you get left behind? It is because those people have learnt this network marketing training tip as well…they have learnt to walk through walls!

And now you get to learn it as well.

Walking through walls is all about focus, it is all about keeping your eye on the target you want and not letting anything else distract you from your target.

Our instructor got one person to stand still and not move, then he got one of the students to stand directly in front of that person but about 5 metres apart. He then got the second person to walk in a straight line and focus on the wall behind not on the person they are about to run into. The results were amazing.

I know you maybe thinking, the person they are going to run into is going to get hurt, but what was happening is the person walking, would hesitate when they saw the obstacle and instead of walking through the obstacle they either stopped, went around or borked. Either way the walker lost focus. Sure it is easier to go around things sometimes and there are many principles you could use, however this demonstration was not about a simple principle, it was about how easily we allow obstacles to take away our focus.

Building your network marketing business is the same. You need to stay focused.

Let me ask you a question
Do you falter every time there is an obstacle thrown in your way, or are you focused enough to keep walking and moving towards you goal? Unfortunately, most people faultier and they allow the obstacles to stop them from moving forward.

This is an important network marketing training tip. DO NOT STOP…STAY FOCUSED AND EXPECT OBSTACLES…

If you do this, you will learn to walk through walls and anything else that gets thrown in your way.

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