Learn Social Network Marketing…Forget All The Other Hype And Learn The Truth

Before I get started let’s clearly define what “Social Network Marketing” is. Well for the purpose of this training Social Network Marketing is being able to build your network marketing business or home based business using different social networks. Both offline and online. Not just using WEB 2.0 like facebook, twitter and youtube but also offline strategies like friends, business networks and organisations.

Social Network Marketing is simply learning how to be social in all environments so that you are able to attract to you the people you are looking for to be a part of your business or purchase your product.

I have been in the home based business (network marketing) industry now since 1998. All with the same company, I guess in my mind, when you have found the right one and you trust them why would you ever leave! I have had the benefit of seeing what works and what doesn’t. I have seen the confusion that comes with new things and the excitement, plus gone through the ups and the downs of building a home based business.

Because of these experiences and being a major income earner with tens of thousands of people in our team, I have heard and seen it all. The hype, the fear mongering, the stubbornness…you name it I have seen it. I am sure there is more to come and more to experience but I just wanted to lay a foundation for what I am going to be sharing with you in this article.

I don’t believe there has ever been as big a debate raging about how to build a home based business or network marketing business as there is right now. I know there will always be differences of opinions around whether to lead with the product or the business, how to structure, how to promote etc but what I am talking about is the marketing component.

There are two sides to this battle.

On one side you have the traditionalists. The ones who have been around for  along time, have had a lot of success and continue to have that success who say: “don’t do online, it is not duplicatable etc etc etc” then you have the other camp. The ones that say: ‘the old way of building your network marketing business is dead and if you keep building it that way you will be left dead in the water and not get anywhere etc etc etc”. I tend to sit in the middle because I have been able to do both and now it is time for me to show you how.

What I have seen is that both sides have been able to build successful businesses and both have positives and negatives.

Both sides don’t want to move. The reason for this, from what I can see is the inability to do what the other side is doing. Meaning the leaders do the other thing because they can not do the other. If you listen to the people promoting online they are saying: “I just couldn’t do what they told me to do” and then the offline guys are saying: “I don’t know how to build a blog or have the time to sit and put an AdWords campaign together or have the money to waste in case it does not work”.

Then what happens is that the leaders take their teams in one direction, either offline or online. Instead of meeting the needs of their team by having a system that shows them how to do both, they boycott the idea and say it just doesn’t work, which my experience has proven they are both wrong.

When there is a problem I have always found there is an opportunity.

I needed to do something for my team so they could get the truth and have available both options, We then teach them how to get out of the blocks quickly and start getting results.

I also wanted to protect my team from the onslaught of the fear being perpetuated that offline was dead. You may have seen the ads that are popping up everywhere on google etc. Unfortunately, associates who have not been around for long believe those ads and marketing hype. So I set about number 1 proving that it wasn’t (and by the way it isn’t, it is alive and well and growing faster than ever before) and number 2 show them how to combine both the tried tested and proven systems we have always used with the new online strategies that are available today. By the way, I have been using online marketing strategies now since 2005 and generating my own leads so I know what I am talking about.

By doing this I have been able to satisfy both camps. Giving them training on what to do and how to do it. We how people how to prospect without rejection and build all of the important people skills we all need to be a true success in business plus we have available training on how to use online social networks like facebook, twitter and youtube.

This is why I developed Dual Networking. The worlds first true system that shows home based business owners and network marketing entrepreneurs how to bring it all together and meet the needs of their business partners, customers and prospects no matter what their desire.

Members of Dual Networking get to see first hand how I work and how I train my team for growth.

In this series, I am going to show you how to bring it all together. How to use the offline strategies we have always used and combine them with the new web 2.0 strategies like facebook, twitter, youtube, SEO and adwords.

They do all fit in together and if anyone tells you otherwise they are lying to you.

Stay tuned as I take you through it and help you understand what to do and how to do it…

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