One of the most frustrating and sad things I see is when work from home business owners start to see some success, their businesses start to move forward, it could be MLM, Network Marketing or just a standard work from home business, they start to make money only to throw in the towel when their dreams lie just around the corner. They stop a metre short from their dreams and don’t even realise it.

Too often it would seem that the very people who cry out for more money, more freedom or more time, destroy their chances of having it by stopping the activity that was generating the results. It could be through lack of decision, allowing distraction or starting to believe the voice in their head that says “You can’t do that”. What a LIE…

Let me explain what I am talking about.
A couple of weeks ago I was speaking to one of my new business owners. They were seeing results, their business was growing and they were even making money even though they had not done very much work.  In my eyes it looked like this person had some friends in the heavenlies working on their behalf because of what was happening in their business.

We had been celebrating a major win they had just had when out of no where I receive an email from them saying that they have to pull back from their business because other things had come up, work required more of them and life seemed too busy.

To their credit, they made a decision to look from a place of empowerment instead of defeat and look at what they COULD do and not at what they COULDN’T do.

They become focused again on why they started in business and started to realize the amazing opportunity that they have in their hands to change their life and the life of their family and future.

So what’s the problem I hear you asking?
Well the problem is, most people get caught up in self-destructive addictions. Yes, you read that right, I said addictions. Things start to go in the direction they were hoping for but instead of you or someone else stepping up and building on the momentum they step back and try and put the brakes on. I know it sounds crazy especially if their dreams are just about to start to come true.

Unfortunately most people do this.

How can you tell if you have fallen into these types of tendencies?

Look at your life for a moment and be totally truthful.

1.    Do you start things and don’t follow through?
2.    Have you started to see some kinds of success and for some reason you allow circumstances to stop you from moving forward?
3.    Do you tend to blame others for your failures?
4.    Do you allow excuses to rule your life?
5.    What about the training you need to do for your business, are you doing it or are you allowing yourself to become too busy to get it done?
6.    Do you allow your diary to always be too full for you to be available to work in your business or respond to something that needs to be done?
7.    There is much much more…

So what is my suggestion?
First thing to do is understand that you are doing things that are stopping you from having the life you talk about and dream of.

Second, stop doing the things that are sabotaging your success. You do this by acknowledging where you are at right now and making a firm decision that you are going to take action and not fall into destructive behaviors anymore.

Yes there is a lot more to be said on this topic and possibly some personal development you need to do, however for those of you strong enough to change the direction of your life and the decisions you are making, then do it NOW.

What I do:
1.    I get a clear picture of what it is I am doing and continue to analyze my habits.
2.    I set myself a “short term” goal (7 days) and do whatever I need to do to attain that goal.
3.    I set my diary and allow time for distraction at “allocated times” please note this is important. I don’t allow distraction into my productive times.
4.    I focus on my WHY, my dream, the things that draws me forward! What is the big picture behind what I am doing?

I think I could write a whole book on this subject but my whole point around this was to help you understand that there are little termites that we allow into our lives that hold us back from our dreams. We actually allow them to eat away at the very foundation that is built to help us succeed.

Become an exterminator and KILL THE TERMITES…

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    2 replies to "Are You On The Path To Self Destruction – Learn How To Turn It Around And Succeed."

    • Karen Lee

      Thanks James….great words and very very true….doing whatever it takes to achieve our dreams, looking at what can be done to accomplish all we believe in. Thankyou James for your words ‘fight’….in the end ‘We WIN!’ – God’s promise to us….looking forward to the sweet taste of Victory again. Bless u James & Casey. xx

    • James

      you are welcome Karen.

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