I was listening to a CD this morning called “The Poser”, great MP3 talking about how we all are “Posers” and put on something to hide what is really going on inside us and how you can become the real you.

Just know that God will “disrupt” your life to remove that not just once but over and over again so that the real you in all situations can come out.

He has done this to me over and over again in my life and I invite Him to continually do it so that I can be the best man God wants me to be.

He wants to be in relationship with you and I. Anything that stops or hinders that relationship will be removed so that there is nothing fake and nothing in between you and Him.

Bring this over to life and business and you will also notice that people want the real you as well. They don’t want to be dealing with the fake person.

They want the person that loves them truly and cares truly.

Ask yourself when you are prospecting someone, do you allow the “greasy salesperson” to come out or do you ask questions, listen and do your best to understand what they truly want?

So many people in home business or network marketing become the pushy greasy sales person. All they want to do is sell their product or business opportunity without any consideration for the person they are talking to.

The best way to understand what your prospect is feeling is to ask yourself “How would I feel and respond if someone was saying and doing what I am saying and doing right now?”

To take it to the next level, are you practising what you are going to say and present? The best of the best are always in practice mode, continually refining who they are and taking themselves to the next level.

Becoming the Real You can be a scary process because you find parts of you that you may not like and you will notice how much of yourself you need to change but just remember it is a journey and the change does not need to all happen at once, it is impossible for that to happen. The change will happen over time.

Yes, some change will happen instantaneously through an event or revelation, but most will happen as you allow yourself to be changed.

This business is an incredible business and you were born for it, it will make you the best you could possibly be.

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