Compounding Effort 3 Keys For Network Marketing Professionals

Do you ever feel like you are getting no where, that you are putting in a lot of work and not really seeing the results you expect? Welcome to the club. This is generally the life of an entrepreneur. You will put in a lot of effort for a period of time and won’t see the results that you believe you should be receiving but remember that it takes time to see results sometimes, the key is not to quit and to keep going. Read on and I will explain.

Start to look at the time you put in as an investment. An investment in your future and the accomplishment of your dreams.

I am sure you have heard the story and benefits of compounding interest. That if you keep your money in a savings plan that the interest you make on your money will compound. You start to make interest on the interest payments you received as long as you don’t take the money out.

Compound interest (or compounding interest) is interest calculated on the initial principle and also on the accumulated interest of previous periods of a deposit or loan.”

The dreams and vision you have for your life are worth fighting for. If they weren’t worth fighting for you wouldn’t want them as much. 

You may have gotten started in your business so that you didn’t have to keep saying no to the things you want, like those shoes, clothes, a holiday or even putting your kids into a better school. One day you drew a deep breath and said “enough is enough”. You wanted more and I want you to know that wanting “more” is ok. There is nothing wrong with it, because when you have more, you can give more and do more, not just for yourself but for others as well. For me I believe that if we are looking after everyone else at the expense of our family and leaving an inheritance for our children’s children (Grand kids), than we are missing it. Imagine what it would be like for your grand kids to not have to worry so much about money and how free they would be when God asks them to do more. (yes people do need to work and the more they work the more they respect what they have).

It is a small-minded person who does not see or believe the importance for people to have money and wealth and I know one thing about God, He didn’t make small minded people. He created you and I to do and accomplish great things so that He can shine through us and be the light to the world that He wants us to be and they need us to be.

I do believe when we make a decision to change our lives and chase our dreams, we will be challenged to the extent of how much we truly want them. I am not sure if it is God who challenges us or if it is just a law of the universe that when we want change we are going to have to first change ourselves. I guess that is the truth of the matter right there:

“If we want change, we have to change ourselves first.”

Because if we don’t change, we continue to get what we have always got. An expectation for things to change without there being change within ourselves first is ludicrous. I know I am using some pretty strong language in this article, however it is true and you know as well as I do that it is speaking to your very soul.

We all want things to move fast, we want results, we want money, we want our dreams. The problem is we all want it now. However I love this scripture, it helps me to remember to breath and stay the course: 

Do not despise these small beginnings, for the LORD rejoices to see the work begin, to see the plumb line in Zerubbabel’s hand.” (The seven lamps represent the eyes of the LORD that search all around the world.) Zac 4:10

You have started the journey, whether you are in research mode or have joined a company, you have started. Now keep going. I love what Eric Worre says, he says that when you start make a decision to follow these 3 points:

3 Points when making a decision

  1. Decide that you will be here in 12 months time and that you will totally commit for this time frame. You will ignore all other opportunities, not allow indecision or waiver in your choice. You choose to build your business for next 12 months. It doesn’t matter about your income, the time you feel like you are spending or your results. It is all about the process and your choice to be here in the next 12 months.
  2. Do these 4 things every single day for the next 12 months.
    1. Be a product of the product or service. Be your biggest advocate and your biggest customer. Create excitement around what you are doing with them and talk with passion.
    2. Share your product or service every day for the next 12 months, that’s 365 days. Tell someone about it. Don’t worry about the outcome. Just start and keep going. You will learn what works and what doesn’t as you go along.
    3. Share your business every day with at least one person for the next 12 months, that’s 365 days. Again, don’t worry about getting it right at the start, just start. You will receive feedback and then make adjustments as you go.
    4. Do some kind of personal development and skill development every single day. It may be reading a book, watching a video or listening to an audio. The key is to do something every day and renew your mind and develop your skill. Don’t just focus on your product though, you MUST focus on your building you as a leader.
  3. Ignore what other people think about you or say about you. If you want to be an entrepreneur you can not worry or be concerned about other peoples opinions. This maybe the toughest thing you do, however it is incredibly important. Entrepreneurs can not be concerned about other peoples opinions. You must be so focused on your future and be so busy that you just don’t care about their negativity. This does not mean you don’t care about them, it just means you don’t care what they think.

You made a decision to get started in business for one reason or another. it was important to you and I know it still is. As I wrote in another article, you CHOOSE to move on and do things differently and with passion and power and authority. You CHOOSE to become the entrepreneur you need to be. 

Let’s do this. 

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