massive action planWhat is a Massive Action Plan in Network Marketing Or Home Based Business?

On todays radio program I started talking about a massive action program and how it looks plus what you should be doing to really get ready for the work you are about to do.

In this post I am going to take you through not the actual massive action program but what you need to do BEFORE you actually start one.

Please note though, many people will put off actually doing the activity or work component of their M.A.P because they have to get everything perfect. This is not the case. You don’t need to have everything perfect you just need to have a plan of activity and some margin placed in your life to handle the work load.

Make no mistake, when you are starting something new and you want to be a success with your venture you are going to go to work. Work is that four letter word that most people don’t want to hear or act on. Because you are reading this post I am guessing that you are not one of those people who is afraid of doing what is necessary to get the results you are looking for.

So let’s get into it.

How do you plan for your massive action plan?

1. Write down your goal: What are you wanting to achieve at the end of your initial 90 day massive action plan?

Many people are afraid to write down goals because they feel as though they will be disappointed if they don’t achieve them. I want to let you in on a secret. If you don’t write down your goal you are DEFINITELY not going to achieve it.

2. Set a start date: When are you going to actually unleash your marketing plan?

Once you set the date DONT WASTE TIME. If you have said I am going to start it next week then spend the amount of time you have between now and then in preparation and following the next steps.

3. Discuss with your family what you are about to do: Don’t leave them out in the dark…

Many home business owners make the mistake of not getting their family involved when starting a new thing in their business. The owner knows that it is going to require more of their time and energy but neglect to inform the people that are closest to them. And when they start the program all they have done is create a wedge that will make it all the more difficult to achieve the goal.

4. Have a reward for the end of the time frame:

Tell your family what it will mean at the end of the program and what it will mean if you don’t do it. This allows them to have buy in and actually support you in your efforts. If you have children work out with them what a good reward for them would be for allowing and supporting you in your new marketing program. Remember kids want your time and the last thing they want to have happen is for someone or something to steal that away however if they understand what is happening and are going to get a reward then they are more willing.

Can I also suggest you read a book called: The Five Love Languages of Children and also read the one for relationships as well.

5. Discuss with your team:

If you have a team or someone else you will be working with get them involved and work on the program together. Don’t leave them behind. It will be the involvement of your team that keeps the momentum going well after you have stopped your major involvement.

6. Determine what you are going to be doing.

Remember that a massive action plan is all about a major amount of activity in a short amount of time. It is to create momentum and so you will be doing anything and everything that works to make it work. It is not a time to be timid or shrink into the shadows. It is a time to come out in the fullness of who you were created to be and impact peoples lives for good.

So write down a list of things you are going to do and do them…Don’t allow excuses to come in and stop you from doing something you know you should be doing.

7. Look at what works. Don’t reinvent the wheel:

Make sure you speak to your support team to find out what has worked in the past for you, the team and other people and the incorporate it into what you are going to do. Don’t be a loan ranger.

8. Look after yourself:

Eat well, supplement, exercise, get some sleep, pray & laugh

I know these things may all seem a little weird for me to be talking about during a massive action plan but they are important. Looking after yourself will ensure you have the energy to keep going and the joy to not give up. If you are tired and have no energy then you are not going to want to continue. So take care of yourself, stop doing the things you know you shouldn’t be doing and are weighing heavy on you and start doing the things you know you should be doing.

I want to talk about supplementation for a moment. Make sure you are taking top quality products. Products that actually work because there are a lot of things on the market that you just end up throwing your money away on.

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