Why develop you? Wouldn’t it be easier to if we didn’t need to grow and we actually knew everything without having to put the time and effort into learning? I know what you are feeling, all the time that it takes to read those books, listen to those audio trainings and turn up to events seems like it won’t work or be worth it. Every part of your being wants to rebel and not do it even though you know deep down you need to.

I know we all think this, we all go through those times of wishing we didn’t have to learn and do something new. Did you know that there is some research that suggests that some people even experience a level of “torture” when they are forced to learn something new. They feel like they would do anything else as long as they didn’t have to learn something new. They want to run and hide or do something else to distract them from the learning process.

At the moment here in Australia, many students are preparing for their year 12 exams. Most are putting in long hours of study, they are drained, mentally and emotionally exhausted. They are being told stupid things by their teachers like “your results will determine your future”. How ridiculous, their attitude will determine their future, not some stupid exam that is from the industrial age that is put together to teach students how to be employees not entrepreneurs…anyway back on task lol. These students are studying hard because they have a deadline that they have to be ready for. The more study they do, the better their result.


I know that most students if they had a choice wouldn’t put this pressure on themselves, but they do it because they know that they are required to to complete their high school.

You don’t have that pressure though, you don’t have to put in hours and hours of training every day to do an exam. Being part of Network Marketing or Home Business you are your own boss and so everything is voluntary. So if you want to watch TV, play on Facebook, hang out on Youtube or find something else “that is important”, then you can do it.

The thing is, there is great joy and excitement in learning something new, especially if you are receiving training that will help you accomplish your dreams.

At school I was the worst student, my poor daughters have a terrible example in me on what to do at school. I failed miserably, didn’t even pass, that’s how bad I was. My best friend at school and I actually were the two lowest grades in our year, not good hey!

But today, I find it pure joy in learning and a real peace comes over me as I listen to MP3s or read books. I have learnt that these times I put aside feed me, they take my mind off “stuff” that is happening around me and help me to refocus on my dreams and goals.


I have spoken to and have many very successful friends. Individuals who have made and are making millions of dollars. We all agree that developing the habits of reading personal development books, listening to inspiring audios and attending events must become a core component of the successful entrepreneur.

After a while an interesting thing happens, you become the person people come to listen to. Your story is the one that is the inspiration and your book is the one they buy.

I look forward to listening to your audio one day, attending your event and reading your book.

So many of my friends and business partners have done this, soon it will be your turn.

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