I could have labeled this post: Are You A Solution Finder Or An Excuse Giver?

This is one of those questions that requires you to do some major soul searching. I believe we all at one time or another find ourselves giving excuses and at the same time we all find ourselves finding solutions. When we do either of these is normally determined by what we TRULY want the outcome to be.

You may find you are full of excuses when you have to call a person, make an appointment or do some training. But find you are a solutions person when you have to get to your your child’s school because the teacher has called you to tell you your child is unwell, even when the car breaks down and you have an important appointment.

In doing this you have proven to yourself and others that you know how to find solutions, all you have to do now is bring that same mind set over to building your business.

Excuses are too easy to come by. People all over the world have become too comfortable in giving excuses for their lack of desire to get the things done that they need to. Unfortunately this sends a message to our children and next generation that excuses are OK…THEY ARE NOT!!!

Have you ever wondered what differentiates the “Successful” to the “Non – Successful”?
Generally the successful person has, firstly, made different choices, and secondly, they have overcome more of their own excuses…

Join me today by committing to be a person, for the sake of the next generation that gets rid of excuses and truly makes a difference.














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