What Is F.O.R.M.

If you are looking for a way to find more prospects, close more sales and make more money, then learning the art of F.O.R.M. ing and being a professional in Network Marketing Prospecting is going to an integral part of your foundation.

When I first started in network marketing, I found it hard to keep a conversation. Even though my background was sales, the art of to speaking to people and asking the right questions was still something I was very new at.

I had heard speakers and trainers talk about how important it was to ask questions, but I didn’t really know what kind of questions I should ask. I relied on my personality to win clients, it worked and I brought on millions of dollars worth of sales for the companies I worked for but I had never heard the word FORM, I had any idea what it stood for or the power in it’s meaning.

For me I believed up until I understood F.O.R.M. ing in Network Marketing that you needed to nice to people, have a good offer and have their best interests in mind. Then the next step was to look for the buying signals and learn to stop talking at the right time and pull out the contract.

I became good at reading those buying signals, but I always felt as if I was missing something important. My sales relied too much on making sure I had the right price however when I looked at the more experienced sales people, they could bring on bigger clients at a higher price, but I didn’t understand how. I now do.

When I first heard the word “FORMing” I thought of construction. I thought the speaker was going to be talking about building or construction of some kind, but when they started talking about FORMing being used in Network Marketing Prospecting my eyes opened and I had the aha moment I had been looking for my entire sales career.

I was already a 6 figure income earner in network marketing and to this day, I truly don’t know how i did it without knowing this skill. I would get worried turning up to events because I didn’t know how to keep a conversation on the person without it always coming back to focusing on me. I knew that focusing on the other person was the most important thing to do, but how do you do it?

My upline was and is a master at listening to people, building a relationship and showing he cares, the funny thing is, he is also a recluse. He would much prefer to be at home doing nothing with no one but his family around than at a party or in a crowded room. (I would have to say I am exactly the same) However, he has learnt the skill of making people feel important, focusing on them and giving them his full attention. He also has a way to ask questions that keeps the person talking for as long as he wants them to or they need to.

I used to watch what he did and not understand it, but today I do. It is a combination of having a wonderful heart, a willingness to listen to people and a skill. When you combine these together you get the most incredible response.

It’s time to look at FORMing and see what it does.

F.O.R.M is something you will do no matter whether you are warm market prospecting or cold market prospecting. It is skill once you learn it that you will use in all areas of your life, even with your spouse, your kids, your mother in law and work colleagues. No matter where you use it, you will love it and the people you are using it on will love you because it allows people to do the one thing they love to do and talk about the one subject they love more than anything else… themselves.

Warning: F.O.R.M. when used incorrectly you can come across like it is the Spanish Inquisition. This happened to me one time. I was in the back of a taxi and I was practicing it, so I kept asking him questions, he was a bit grumpy and didn’t want to talk and asked me if it was hahaha. So maybe practice this often.

F.O.R.M. is an acronym that gives you an easy way to ask questions about the individual. It helps you control the conversation, keep the attention on your prospect and also find out valuable pieces of information that will help you find out what they are interested in and if you have something they may want.

The more questions you ask and the better you become at this, the more people you will get started, your team will grow and you will NEVER run out of people to speak and present to.

F stands for Family. Ask questions about their family like: do you have kids, how old are they, are you married, how long have you been married. What school do your kids go to etc etc. Just be sensitive in this area when talking about family. Men if you are talking to a woman, and you ask her “are you married” do it in a tactful way, you too ladies when asking a man hahaha You don’t want people to think you are propositioning them.

O stands for Occupation. Questions around their work are actually quite simple: Where do you work, how long have you worked there, what do you like about it, what don’t you like about it. Is it what you always wanted to do, do you see yourself doing that forever, have you ever had your own business or is that it?

R stands for Recreation. I love this question, what do you do for fun, how often do you do it, would you do it more if you could, Where do you go for holidays, have you ever been overseas, what was you favourite holiday?

M stands for money but it also stands for message. Depending on the direction you want to go. I like Message so I take the information I have gathered in the conversation and then use a simple script like “name, you know how you said you don’t really like your job, you would love to go on a better holiday and take your family because you haven’t had a proper holiday in a long time, on a scale of 1 – 10, 1 being you’re not that serious and 10 you are, how serious would you be about making those things real if there was a way?” If they say they are serious, then just say “Well, I think I may have a way, no guarantees, lets catch up for a coffee tomorrow and I will explain how, I am in a little rush now, so I can’t do it here. I will send you something to look at before we catch up. Let’s meet at….”

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