My 3 Keys to Facebook Tagging For Business.

Facebook Tagging For Business is a simple and easy way to generate more interest in what you are doing as a professional, the problem is knowing what to tag people on and when to tag people. Facebook Tagging can be downright annoying but no one can really argue that it doesn’t work. Most people, when someone tags them on a post, image or video are going to at least quickly check out the facebook tag, the problem happens when individuals over use the tagging. Then what happens is it kind of becomes like the “kid who continually cried wolf” so people become oblivious to it all and then say “its just another spam or sales thing” and so they don’t even check it out even when it is very important..

Today we will look at facebook tagging for business, especially when it comes to the network marketing professional. We will look at what works and what doesn’t. Firstly let me tell you that we use facebook tagging all the time in our team groups, these are facebook groups that we have set up specifically for our teams. We tag to get a specific message out, it maybe a reminder about a webinar, an event or a new program. We have found an increase of between 50 – 100% on attendees when it comes to a webinar, when we use tagging. It works but the thing to remember is that this is a team of network marketing professionals who are in business to create an incredible lifestyle, so they take it seriously.

We also use facebook tagging to promote a new advancement in leadership level. We have a  recognition template designed that we import the team members photo into and then upload it to our own timeline. We then tag that individual and congratulate them. The power behind this is it shows that individual’s success to ALL OF THEIR FRIENDS and so now their friends want to know or become interested in what that individual is doing. Just yesterday from doing this process, I was able to help a new team member get started. She saw one of these posts and said “I need to be doing this because I want that kind of success as well.

Another way we use facebook tagging is welcome a new team member on board. This also generates a lot interest within their friends list because their friends don’t want to be left behind. It is quite amazing how the “fear of loss” works. If people feel like they will be left behind and their friend is going to have something that they don’t have, then that individual, if approached correctly, is more open to discussing the opportunity.

You see facebook tagging for business opens up a whole new world for the network marketing professional. I believe that everyone wants to make more money. Not to have more money, but to have what the money can give them. The key is being confident that what you are doing is going to succeed and that it is Plan A not Plan B. Too many people/home business owners treat their home business as a hobby, they don’t give it 100% and they are ok if it fails. However the individual who treats it as a business that they can not afford to allow to fail is the one that truly receives the results.

Allow me to give you some “dont’s” when it comes to facebook tagging for business.

  • Don’t tag every post.
  • Be aware that if you tag the same people over and over again, they will get annoyed.
  • Don’t make all your facebook posts a call to action. Make sure 90% are social and relaxed.

Watch my video today on facebook tagging for business, leave a comment before you go.

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May God bless you abundantly, remember He is the ONLY answer, allow Him to work in you and through you to build your work from home business!

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