Too many times I have heard from people “I wish I knew why I was here, I mean on this planet?”

Have you ever heard that before? Maybe even thought it yourself?

I know I did for a long time.

I remember as a teenager thinking, I am here for a purpose a reason bigger than I know, I just couldn’t figure it out.

I would go to bed thinking for hours about what that purpose could be, at times getting frustrated but mostly being excited about the possibilities and where I could end up.

I believe we all have inside of us a deep sense of something great we are supposed to do, something that will not only impact our own lives but the lives of others as well in a positive way.

We believe this when we are young, however as we start to get older and life becomes more real, something happens. We put our dreams in the too hard basket and think that they were just a dream and dreams don’t come true, do they?

Our family, friends and work collegues put down our hopes and dreams because they have never acheieved theirs so how are you going to achieve yours.

What a joke. You get forced to live a life by other peoples rules. They force you to give up and not go any further.

You become like the crabs in the bucket I speak about in the video below.

I want to tell you something from my heart.

Firstly, dont believe what other people have told you. They are not the ones in control of your destiny, YOU ARE.

Secondly, it takes courage to dream, so dream big.

In this video I take you through how you can actually find your true passion. I learnt this from a powerful business teacher and life coach, Lance Wallnau. I highly recommend ALL of his material and seminars. They have impacted me greatly and I know they will impact you.

Watch this video, it is only short, you will learn how to prioritise your passions and purpose. You will also learn that Lance Wallnau teaches we can make our current activities work in with our purposes.

I explain more in the video.

Watch it now and leave a comment once you have.

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    3 replies to "Finding your passion – Thanks Lance Wallnau"

    • Karen Phelps

      Enjoyed the information..listing then prioritizing makes sense. I think I have too many passions sometimes, natural health,personal development, organic gardening, horses and would love to monetize somehow on each. Maybe will just start at the top and let the universe help me make it all work. Thanks for the video. Karen

    • James

      Hi Karen
      you know what starting at the top is not a bad idea, in actual fact it is a great idea because at least you are starting.
      Be blessed Karen I hope you keep coming back

    • James

      Hi James
      I love the “confused as a termite in a yoyo”
      I know we can help you because we have helped many other people in the same situation as you.
      Many people get bombarded with mixed messages by people who have no clue on what they are talking about.
      Getting it right from the beginning and I look forward to helping you do that with us.
      God bless

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