What You Focus On Is What You End Up With. So Get A Clear Focus…

Have you ever found yourself day dreaming thinking about things that don’t serve or help you go anywhere, in actual fact they take away productivity and instead of thinking of what you can do, you think of what you can’t do?

I know I have.

I have caught myself too many times, falling down in areas I shouldn’t be and second guessing myself. Instead of believing my heart and allowing my dreams to drive me, I believe my head and allow the self defeating thoughts stop me dead in my tracks. I didn’t have a clear focus and so I didn’t move.

That used to be my life. I had all the best intentions under the sun, but unfortunately, good intentions that have no continual follow through with massive action never get you anywhere.

I knew I needed to change something and that something was my thoughts.

Instead of them controlling me I started to control them.

Have you had this realisation yet? If not then it is time you did.

Your thoughts control EVERYTHING so take the leadership role in your own life and start to control them.

Just as the heading suggests, what you focus on is what you will get.

Let me give you an example. Lets look at a person who wants to lose weight. Do you think it serves them to think about all the things they can’t eat anymore, or do you think they need to focus on what life will be like once they have the results they are dreaming of?

What about the person who wants to give up smoking. Do they focus on their addiction or should they focus on being able to breath again and keeping the air clean for their family and others around them?

You know the answer.

There is no difference between them and you when it comes to building your business…except what you focus on.

So the question is what should you be focusing on?


You focus on the REAL reason you got started in business and then ask yourself what is really driving that desire.

This is the ONLY way you keep going. It is the thing that pushes you when you don’t feel like doing anything…

Start to focus on your dream and your true desire. They will be the things that push you to build your business, get the training and become a leader.

One of my old mentors used to say to me all the time. “if your why(dream) is big enough then the how toos don’t matter.” This is so true.

You see it is not until you make a non negotiable decision, a decision that does not waver due to circumstances or feelings that you will start to see success.

I have seen too many people start and not be 100% committed to their success. They have all the skills needed to achieve their goals but they don’t have a driving desire a passion that will see them through.

Life is too comfortable. Being comfortable is an addiction. It is a curse on peoples lives that keeps them in mediocrity.

They come up with excuses like:

I am not the right personality

I don’t know how (as if that ever stopped anyone that truly wanted something)

Its too cold to go out

Its too hot to go out

I had no one to train me

My gold fish died

Dani Johnson says we should “next” our excuses and I totally agree.

Don’t allow them to take root in your life. You don’t need them and neither does anyone else around you…

Everyone gets affected by your excuses.

If we as parents continually give excuses to try and pardon our failures, rather than  taking responsibility for them, our children learn to do the same thing.

Stand with me and start to focus on what it is you want not what you can’t do… Lets get rid of excuses and start working on solutions.

The next generation need people to follow lets give it to them.

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    6 replies to "Get A Clear Focus…If You Don’t You Will Fail"

    • Robert "Buck" Buchholz

      Greetings James,

      Great post. I could not agree with you more.

      So many people in life focus on what they THINK they can not do instead of creating the way to do something that would create a solution to their problem.

      My Daughter also focused on what she needed to accomplish in order for her to earn each belt all the way to earning her black belt.

      There were many things she learned she could overcome because she had the desire to achieve earning those belts.

      Each person has within their self the ability to achieve anything they decide they want.

      Making the decision and then following through is the key to starting.



    • Jenny Sneyd

      I realise I need to refine my FOCUS on my dream and true desire, beyond my current health issue that is hopefully temporary. I need to plan for moving on following my likely hospital procedure. Jenny

    • James

      Hi Jenny
      what you have raised is a very good point. I know that going through what you are at the moment is very difficult, however having something that you can focus on after you have gone through the surgery will actually aid in your recovery. It is like having a dream to chase.
      Start focusing now and writing out your dreams so that they become part of your life.
      I really look forward to working with you Jenny.
      Get well quickly

    • James

      Nice one Robert (Buck)
      Very truw in everything you have said.
      Great to hear that your daughter got her black belt. Did you end up with as many bruises as I have 🙂
      Be well Robert and I hope to see you around here more.

    • Robert "Buck" Buchholz

      Hello James,

      Yes I did get a few kicks and hits that did NOT hit the pad I was holding or wearing. LOL

      The biggest thing I had to learn was: Dad, “You have to hold the boards the right way”

      I did learn and she did break them……

      It was a great time, really.

      Good Luck!

      The above Brings up an important thought in how to develop and have success in any endeavor of life and especially in the business of a home based business.

      For most it is a very strange and unknown field. Since birth most have been programed to become an Employee for someone else and a person thinks differently as an Employee than how a Business Owner Thinks.

      The challenge then is to be WILLING to change the way we think, in order to change our attitude on how we perceive what we can achieve.

      As is the case of breaking the boards for my daughter. At first it felt foreign and not very doable but with the right training and learning the right technique, she was able to easily do it.

      I hope those that may read this post will understand this industry is doable and they all can have whatever success they are looking for, as long as they are WILLING to grow and do the steps as they learn HOW TO BE A BUSINESS OWNER by THINKING AND DOING the right steps for success.

      It may not be EASY but it is SIMPLE.

      Every successful person in any field had and continues to have the right coach and mentor.

      Wax on Wax off…. May not make sense at first but what is accomplished by doing it, was exactly what was needed.

      Ongoing Training on oneself is the the key.

      Preparation = Confidence = Success

      You may not like to practice but without it you will NEVER WIN, whether it be a sport or a business.

      Be Blessed All,


    • James

      Hi Buck
      I am wondering if you have seen “Karate Kid” the new one?
      I am going to see it this week haha.
      I totally agree with what you are saying. Most people have the wrong mindset training. Their sense have been dulled.
      Thanks for your great input

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