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I am sitting here at the Sydney airport because my plane is delayed due
to being struck by lightning. Praise God I was not on that plane.

Yesterday I had the privilege to train over 100 people on principles of success in business from home.
To say that the people were excited at the end of the day would be an understatement; however there was one thing I told them that I feel compelled to share with you for FREE.

One of the greatest mistakes people make in building their businesses from home is this. They give in too soon.

After only a few weeks of “trying” and not really committing to their success they quit, it all becomes too hard and so they throw in the towel and give up on their hopes and dreams. They go back to their comfortable lives and allow their hopes become a thing of the past.

It is one of the most heart breaking things to see. People that are more than capable, giving up rather than moving forward to the success that is right around the corner.

So to those of you that have started your new career and taken control of your future can I say one thing? Get a little bit of mongrel in you.

When the trials come, because they will, say to yourself this will not stop me and I will overcome. Nothing great was ever achieved without trials. Understand that you are going to come across challenges. Take those challenges head on but donít let these challenges own you and determine what tomorrow will look like. You still are the one that gets to determine the outcome.

Below are some simple things you can do to bullet proof yourself and your future:

1. Get started. For some people they sit on the fence for so long and don’t want to get off. You will never get anywhere if you too afraid to even start.

2. Make a decision that you will continue and even when things don’t work out the way you thought they would, you choose to learn from the experience. I use a simple little analytical task that goes like this: “What worked, What didn’t what next”

3. Get training. Most people get started in business and don’t get results. Instead of look at finding a solution to the problem and dedicating themselves to being professionally trained, the problem continues to grow and the inevitable happens.
You have access to the most amazing training at your finger tips. All it takes is allocating time to building yourself so that you know how to overcome the problems and start to succeed.

4. Think of your first 3 years in business as getting a 3 year university degree. Let’s face it. If you want to have an executive income you need to put time into being trained like an executive. I hear many people say they want to earn over $100,000 in their first year. I ask them “have you ever earnt that amount in a year before?” and they say “no”. I let them know that to do something that you have never done before requires you to learn new skills and put in a lot of hours at the start.
Please understand I am not saying that you could not do it, I have worked with and helped people all over the world build a business that will give them a 6 figure income in 12 months but they were prepared to work harder than anyone else.

5. Manage your expectations. This leads on very well from the previous point. Don’t set yourself up for failure. Know the numbers and ratios for success. Put the time in but don’t expect ask for a result that you are not prepared to work for.

I believe in you… Step up and go for your dreams and when you do step up make sure you are ready to go to work and learn the skills to build your business.

We have everything you need to be successful. You just need to make a choice to be the person that does the work and says NO to living the same life over and over again. Do what you know you are supposed to do.

For some people it is to start business, if that is you then let me know. If you are in business then make a move and don’t sit back and watch life go by.

Get some mongrel in you and make the right choices.

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