Has Network Marketing ChangedHas network marketing changed

This is the big question everyone is asking, “Has Network Marketing Changed”, if you read the sales letters, emails & books that come out from some people you would think it had. In fact I know of some major leaders who thought the sky was falling when they started to read the information.

They were wondering if they should pack up shop, sell their positions and go work at the local grocery store because, supposedly the only way to build your business today is through online marketing.

What did I do?

Simple, I thought the sky was falling as well lol.

So I dove into learning all the online strategies, spending thousands and thousands of dollars building a skill set for the online market.

And do you know what I found after doing this?

The sky was not falling, in fact business was growing…

What I found is that in our team that spans 16 countries and growing, there are people who love technology, using the internet and they are generating great results. Then we have the others who are people people. They don’t even know how to turn on a computer and yet they are earning six figure incomes and helping people all over the world themselves.

So what is the truth about internet network marketing and traditional network marketing business strategies?

Simple, there is a place for both. They both require skills, training and commitment and they both work.

I have become a firm believer that if you can learn how to “Combine” both your standard business building strategies with technology you will see big results.

What should you do?

Well ask yourself, what are your strengths and stick to them. People don’t want to be aligned with someone working in their weakness.

This business does not have to be hard and anyone can do it.

Why don’t you tell me your experiences below and what you think is happening in the industry.

Did This Help You? If so, comment below and tell me what you liked, if you have an opinion, share that as well!

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    4 replies to "Has Network Marketing Changed"

    • Robert "Buck" Buchholz

      Greetings James,

      The sky IS NOT FALLING.

      As you indicated, both the online and offline are used to build any business today, weather it is a traditional business or a home based business.

      The important ingredient is: there will always be the need for the human element, for long term, stable and profitable business building.

      Online only ventures are a dime a dozen and they don’t last long term BECAUSE those that do those type are here for a moment and then on to the NEXT big one etc. over and over.
      I am simply saying- you can make some money, the question is for how long…..

      It is my belief a true business can and will develop over time using both.

      Online helps those that want to build a business in other cities, states or countries – you don’t have to be there in person all the time etc..

      Offline is the belly to belly, face to face contact, so to speak, which develops relationships.

      Relationships built… – build long term loyal business partners and friendships.

      Network marketing is only going to get BIGGER and BETTER in the future.

      Be Blessed,


    • Jack Hurkett

      No, it hasn’t changed.New systems being introduced, regularly, looking for the “magic formula”to build a Network business with no work or responsibility. Jack

    • James

      I am glad you see this as well Robert. Relationships will never be replaced by technology. The interesting thing happening with the online market is people are looking for more and more ways to connect. Look at kids today, they spend all their time at school talking, then on the bus on the way home, they spend all their time texting (connecting again), then when they get home they are straight onto facebook (connecting again).
      Our children are already showing us what the future is going to be like and when I look at them, it is all about relationships.
      this business is a “Relationship Business” and that is the beauty of it.
      If people don’t want to have long lasting meaningful relationships than this business is not for them.
      We will see more and more businesses powerfully impacted as soon as the leaders see that by understanding relationships and combining technology you can have the best of both worlds.
      Be well Robert

    • James

      So true Jack.
      This business is growing rapidly and it is growing by the people who truly want to make a change and impact their own lives.
      Success is not about luck.
      The old saying that says: “The harder I WORK, the luckier I become” is true.
      I sometimes think of all those people who quit, and 12 months later they are still doing the same old thing. What would it have been like for them if they had of spent that 12 months actually developing themselves and their skills. Continuing to learn from their mistakes and become better.
      What would that be like?
      Glad to speak Jack

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