Let’s talk about a home business truth that many people get stuck on, especially those that have never been in business before or reached the kind of levels they are looking for. It’s something that has them thinking all screwy and caught up in the wrong things. Instead of seeing the truth, they see the lie and this lie is keeping them broke and never achieving their dreams.

Rather than believe the Home Business Truth, they believe the lie that they have believed their entire life, well, their entire adult life anyway. They believe that there is risk in going into Home Business or Network Marketing. They believe that if they spend this tiny amount of money and commit to developing skills, attending events and building themselves and their businesses that somehow they could lose everything. You see, this is the lie.

Somewhere within their life, someone has planted a seed of discontent and that seed was allowed to grow. They believed that the hundred or so dollars they spend on a product each month, the free personal development webinars and the effort they have to put into becoming better is evil and wrong for them and that there is tremendous risk in it all. But what is the risk, really?

The real risk is staying doing the same thing you are doing right now and living ground hog day every day. You see the warnings, you get told the situations and yet you don’t change, you don’t act you don’t do the thing you need to do to change the outcome.

Trusting the situation as it is will never work for you, that’s the lie. Believing the government will be able to support you in a meaningful retirement or future, believing your job is secure, believing that everything is ok. These are all risks and HUGE risks because you have no security in any of them.

At any moment, what happened to me can happen to you, I was just fortunate enough to see the writing on the wall and make changes. I prayed and I prayed and I prayed and I worked and I worked and I worked. They went hand in hand and because of that, the day that my boss told me they were closing the company down, it didn’t matter. We had an incredible income coming in, an income that has changed our lives.

The Home Business Truth I want you to get is this. If you are prepared to work and work hard, if you are prepared to go through the struggles, the ups and downs, the challenges and do something incredible, then you will win. The Home Business Truth is that it is hard work, but there is no real risk: nothing compared to staying in a job and drinking from the bosses fountain that you are ok and that you are important to him/her. The reality is this: if their bottom line isn’t the way they want it to be and they need to cut people, they are looking at you. If it is between them and you, you lose.

When you look at whether or not you should be in business, the answer is YES, YOU SHOULD and yes you should be in home business immediately, working with a team that can support and train you. Your future depends on it.

It’s time to remove the belief that working for yourself is bad and risky. It’s not. It’s hard and it takes time and effort. Yes, you will go through an emotional roller coaster, but so does every entrepreneur and it’s time you did it.


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