I don’t even know what a gravatar is let alone how to setup a gravatar!

I learnt how to setup a gravatar totally by accident. I did it because I wanted to start commenting on blogs and get some links back to my website.

Let’s start off with understanding what a gravatar is when it comes to your presence online. Firstly a Gravatar is the photo or image next to peoples comments

what is a gravatar
This is an example of what a gravatar is from one of the posts Peter commented on

and posts they leave on websites, mainly blogs. Obviously people comment to show their thoughts on a topic that has been written about, however they also comment to obtain a “link” back to their website. The more links you have pointing at your site, the more important google will see your site and the more traffic you will be sent.

I don’t know about you but when I get to see what someone looks like it helps me connect with that person. Your Gravatar will help you connect with other surfers on the net who are looking for the same things you are. How do I know this? Well they have left a comment on the same page you are now reading.

So if you are looking for away to generate traffic for your site (although this is a VERY SLOW way of doing it), make sure you have set up your Gravatar. Just click here to be taken to the gravatar page to have your photo uploaded. They will also give you more info one what is a gravatar.

Each time you leave a comment on someones site, as long as you leave the email you used to set up your gravatar and they have gravatar images enabled, your image will appear and if you put your website link in the area provided when you are commenting, you will receive a link back to your site.

Obviously the owner of the site you are commenting on, has complete authority on if they allow your comment to be approved and appear. So make sure you say something nice and worthwhile.

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