I know the heading is a little bit confusing especially coming from me but I wanted to hit something head on because I am committed to your success. And sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind.

Let’s face it, life is full and we all get busy. Curve balls get thrown our way more regulary than we would like and there are times we feel like quitting even before we get started.

So let’s talk a little about this amazing mechanism we have going on inside of us that says: “quit now or don’t even try!” Where does this voice come from?

Well I have my own thoughts on that voice and where it comes from, however I don’t want to talk about that at the moment. I want to focus on what you can do right now to develop your business and achieve the success you dream about.

I was talking today, to one of my amazing up and coming leaders. We were talking about how circumstances in life make us change our plans or the course we had set to get to our destination. These circumstances that come our way may change our course but they don’t have to change our destination. It just means we have to take a detour along the way.

Let me ask you something. In your life have you been going along just fine only to find that something has happened that is forcing you to make some small shifts in the direction of your life?

At the time you may have felt as though the world was falling down around you not allowing you to see how life would go on. But life did go on and you were able to get through it and actually grow as a person.

Isn’t that an amazing thing about human nature? Trials can come our way; it is the people that choose to grow through those trials and FIND A WAY that are the ones that come out on top.

Why I am saying all this?

Well recently, you made a decision that you wanted to make a change in your life and start on a path to creating the lifestyle you dream about. But if you are like me and every other person in the world, challenges come and sometimes it all gets too hard.

This email is to encourage you to keep going, to believe in yourself and in your dreams. Even though there are times you may not know what you are doing. Things may get thrown at you that try and stop you and your progress to that dream, but there is something you need to do, KEEP MOVING FORWARD.

Recently I had the honour of seeing my best friend who we helped get started in business, join the elite ranks of the “Million Dollar Income Earners Club”. What a privilege to know that we played a role in his and his amazing wife’s success and that their life has totally changed.

I know from working with them for over 7 years that they went through trials and times when they wanted to give up on their goals, but they didn’t.  They are achieving their dreams and helping others to do the same.

Ask yourself a question today, how many lives are you going to impact by making a stand and building your business and going after your dreams? Do what I know you can do and that is SUCCEED…You have it inside of you.

Replace the negative voices inside your head telling you, “you are a failure”, “you can’t do that”, “you will never be a success” etc etc etc with new voices. Start confessing that “you can succeed”, “you can do that” and “you’re a winner”.

It is the 6 inches between your ears that you have to battle each day. Stop watching TV and reading those stupid magazines. Start reading personal development books and listening to personal development cds.

This is your chance to change your world.

If you are ready to change your life and build your business than act NOW and do what you know you need to do…

Be successful

James Hannan

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    2 replies to "I Can’t Do This Business…Are You Crazy, You Were Born For It!!!"

    • Brad Rathbone

      excellent! i love reading these posts, sure i may not be able to relate them back to my finical situations yet, but i do to my life, and ministry. thanks James!

    • James

      Hi Brad
      no worries at all and I am really glad you are enjoying them. And I love that you can use the stuff in these posts to help you. That has always been my hope.
      see you soon

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