Do you really need a blog?

Have you ever heard of the saying:

“Your home away from Home”?

Well, when you hear that about online marketing we are talking about your blog. It is the place where people get to know you are whole lot more. Perry Belcher, one of the greats of online marketing said:

“Your blog is like your loungeroom. You have invited friends over for dinner and now they are sitting around your coffee table enjoying your company after a lovely meal”

I tend to agree. If you treat it this way, you will generate more leads and business.

it is a place where people make a decision on whether they like what you have to say or not.

It is your place to speak your mind and also draw people to you. Be careful what you say though. You can also repel people from you.

Your blog or “centre of commerce” as I like to call it, is the hub of all your operations.

All of your online marketing should be pointing people to places on your blog so that people get to know you, leave their details, buy a product or become part of your business.

You do this through links on twitter, facebook, youtube, articles and even business cards.

So if you are considering building your home based business and using online strategies, yes a Blog is VERY important.

Is it essential to the network marketer?

NO. We have proven over and over again that having a blog is not compulsory. In fact for many people it becomes a distraction rather than a benefit.

You yourself may have found that you are spending more time on your blog writing posts, fixing plugins and wasting time than you are on making money.

Don’t fall into that trap. Remember you are in business to make money. When you first get started there are simple yet effective strategies that work and should not be overlooked.Follow the blueprint that works. Don’t try to sidestep it. We show you the exact strategy that works inside of our training vault.

Alternatives to a Blog for the beginner:

  • A landing page:

    This is a single page website that has a small peice of information. It should include an offer and a reason for a person to leave their details.

  • Your facebook page:

    More and more businesses are using their facebook page to stay in contact with their clients.

    You can make some pretty amazing offers on facebook and build your list faster than you could ever imagine using facebook.

These may not sound as glamourous  as a blog, however they are simple and easy to use and will not take up hours of your time building them.

When do you need a blog?

A blog is something that should be adopted as your business grows. It is something you do to grow your database, get the information out to your team, promote different things and make money.

It can be a MAJOR lead producing machine, however it does take time, so I would like to say this: don’t allow it to steal your precious energy.

So on a more positive note, if you have time and don’t mind staying up late learning new skills, then you can have a lot of fun and generate some great results.

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    3 replies to "Is a Blog important for your home based business or network marketing business?"

    • Ryan Popovic

      Interesting post. I do agree that you definitely don’t need a blog to create a strong network marketing business, but if you can just spend 30-60 minutes a day, or even every other day, eventually it become a powerful tool. One advantage that your (WordPress) blog has over FaceBook is that it can’t be taken away. FaceBook can decide to turn off your page at any time, which can have a huge impact on your business. Just my two cents. Make it a great day.


    • James

      Hi Ryan
      great point. Facebook can turn your page off at any time and the more I look at them the more I am tending to agree especially with the changes they are making.
      Writing posts for your blog should be done in the non dollar productive time of the day – early morning late evening. This business is grown through talking to people and building relationships.
      Ryan you are absolutely correct that is a person is prepared to commit to 1 post per day especially for the first couple of months they will generate leads and cash for their business.
      Hope you leave more comments around this place Ryan 🙂

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