Have You Ever Wondered “Is The Product Important” For Your Home Based Business?

This point came up today with one of our team, they were saying that you need to believe in the product to build a business. This has been a question by nearly everyone who gets started in home based business, whether it is Network Marketing, Direct Sales or MLM… It is a great question and an interesting discussion… “is the product important”?

Before we go too much further, there is something you will need to understand… Business is about “Demand and Supply”. Is there a demand for what you have and can you supply that demand… Smoking is a terrible habit, however I know people who sell cigarettes not because they love the product, they don’t even smoke (they think it is a disgusting habit), they sold them because there was a demand and it was a good business…

So ask yourself this question… “Whether you like the product or not, whether you get a personal result or not, is there a demand for your product?”

Too many people make selfish decisions, when I say this I mean, they make decisions all based around them and their experience and so they steal the opportunity for someone else to have a different result to what they had…

I want you to know right off the bat that I believe that YES the product is important but I DO NOT believe that you need to have a “Personal Testimony” of using the product.
Let me explain “Is The Product Important” via a few steps… we will talk about a health product:

Step 1: Word of Mouth Advertising is one of the greatest forms of advertising on the planet, if not THE greatest form of advertising. Most of us are influenced by what others say about a product and or service. If something is getting rave reviews, more often than not, our purchasing decisions will be influenced by those reviews of others.

Step 2: We purchase the product ourselves, does that mean we will have the same experience as the other person who recommended it to us? Of course not, we are all different and so our results will vary. Does this mean that the product did not work? Not necessarily, some people have quicker results with products than others. I am a great example of that. Within our company, we are one of the top income earners in the world, however I had not had a personal testimony on using the products in a big way until about 10 years into being with the company. I built our business based on the science, belief and testimony of others.

Step 3: We make a choice, based on our own short term results (I say short term because most people are looking for an immediate result) we can choose to build our businesses based on the testimony and belief in others, or we can decide that we won’t trust others and become bitter, angry or negative towards a business and or product. If we make a choice that we are going to believe, then we can just get on with the job of being focused on action and that action will be linked to our dream…

I also wrote this comment for one of our team today… It gives a few more examples on the question “Is the Product Important”

“that is a great point about believing in the product. When I first got started, I didn’t have anything wrong with me, I had no aches, no pains, no illness and I was young (I reckon I am still young, just the lines are starting to show  ) I build this business based not on my testimony on the product, because I didn’t have one, I built it on the belief of others testimonies of the product and others testimonies of the business…McDonalds, KFC, Hungry Jacks etc… the people that sell those franchises, they are selling the income producing potential because they know the product is KILLING people but people still buy the franchise and make millions from them (sometimes).

So while product is important sometimes we build on faith and not out of our own results but results for others. you see, I didn’t get a testimony for 10 years…. But if I didn’t build the business, there would be tens of thousands of people around the world that would never have had the results they have had, whether it was their health, their weight or now their skin.

No one is going to have a testimony on every product, example is Kasey had an incredible Uth testimony, I put it on and nothing happened… I have since found out that everyone is different and no matter what, the product is doing what it is supposed to do which is slowing down the ageing process.

So the question is why do people buy McDonald’s or KFC etc … because there is a need, and those franchises fill that need even though their product is a cheap crap product that causes harm.

Our product is not like that at all, it is a product that impacts lives and saves children and we all get to make money when we learn the skills… and then apply those skills.

I believe yes the product is important, however, like I said, a lot of the time, we don’t get a testimony, so we have to go on science or other people’s results… what is important is our desire to have faith in ourselves and remove the excuses and just get it done.

You are so correct is saying that we can all succeed, we just need to make a choice to build. Look for a reason to build and then do it. I can still remember my first cheque, it was $6, when I got it, I thought I was RICH and I could see that it worked, so all I needed to do was more more more so i could earn more more more.”

One extra thing on is the product important…

Personally, I could not sell or promote something I do not believe in, it goes against everything inside of me. However, as I said above, I do not need to have a personal testimony to believe in the product, if there is enough testimony surrounding the product and it also has good science and I trust the people who have developed it, then that is good enough for me.

As long as I can see the demand for the product and can feel good about it and I know that others will feel good about it… then it is game on!

Did this help you, I sure hope so, if it didn’t, well let’s make sure we fix that next time and give you even better information. I will need your comments though, they help me to know what you are looking for! Feel free to share this and like it…

May God bless you abundantly, remember He is the ONLY answer, allow Him to work in you and through you to build your work from home business!

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    • Leo Carlson

      I agree totally, Having faith in what you are promoting and feeling good that what you are doing is helping others as well is a great thing. Thank you so much for all you do.

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