Start A Business From Home, is now the right time?

What a great question that headline is: “Is there ever a good time to start a business from home?”, I believe when it comes to convenience and starting a business from home, probably not, however when it comes to timing, absolutely.

Let me explain why now is the perfect time for you to start a business from home!

We are all busy. We all have the same 24 hours in the day and 7 days per week. But why is it that for some people it would seem that they are able to fit more in and get more done? While others, maybe you, seem to never have enough time, and sometimes it feels you barely have time to breathe let alone build a home based business. These other people, lets call them super humans, are able to seemingly climb mount Everest in the morning and still have dinner prepared at night and in between all of this, they still have the capacity to start a business from home and actually make it thrive…is that frustrating or what and what makes it even worse, they do it with a smile on their face and a skip in their step.

I can see you nodding your head and agreeing with my right now, some people are even getting angry as they read this post because they are frustrated and want to be able to do the exact same thing. They want to start a business from home, but just can’t figure out how!

When you start a home based business or want success in any area of your life, you are going to want this to one simple thing! It’s called “INTENT”. Intent is the one thing that separates people who achieve what they set out to achieve from the people who don’t. The people with intent, are the ones that seemingly get the impossible done, in fact they eat it for breakfast and then turn up for seconds before lunch.

You can see the out working of Intent in people’s words. A person whose “intent” it is to complete something says “I will, it’s a done deal!” the persons whose intent is NOT complete something says “I will TRY!” A good way to understand this is think about that time you asked someone to do something for you and they respond with “I will try”. How does that make you feel, does it fill you with confidence or do you already know what the outcome is going to be? When you start a home based business, you don’t want to start with the mindset of “I will try to see how I will go”. The only people who start a home based business and succeed are the ones that burn the boats on the shore and do whatever it takes to succeed because they have no other option.

So let’s get back to, is there ever a good time to start a business and see how this actually works into the intent.

Firstly let’s get a few things straight. You are “always” going to be too busy and something is always going to be more important than making the phone call or sending the email to get started. So how is it likely that you will be able to build this business?

Because for you to have your dreams you need to change your intent… When you change your intent you actually change many things along with it.

  1. Your mindset.
  2. You become more positive.
  3. You look for how too’s and solutions.
  4. Doors seem to open up like they never have before.
  5. The people you care about become more open to the idea.
  6. The right opportunities come your way.
  7. You find time you never thought you had.

All of this happens because your intent changed from “TRY” to “I WILL”!

So the real answer to the question, “is there ever a good time to start a business from home?” is, Are you ready to change your intent? Are you ready to look around you and say “I believe I was born for more than this and I want change!” When you are able to say to these things YES, then NOW is a good time to start a business from home, because there will never be a perfect time, it all starts with a decision, so make the decision now and get moving.

You just have to decide. Yes you will have to make changes in your life to accommodate that one extra thing, however remember why it is you are starting the business. Is it a dream, for your children, recognition, a challenge, your future… write it down and then go after it. It’s what our work from home Singapore team did and they are kicking butt!

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