There is one guarantee we have in life and business. We will have opposition and we will have to fight for what we want in life. If you think that you are not in a battle and that life should be easy, you are mistaken. You are in a battle and it is raging all around you, it’s time for you to put your armour on, pick up your weapons and stop allowing yourself to be pushed around by life and the enemy. You’re the victor remember not the victim.

You are the hero of your story and He is your hero. Christ has gone before you. He wants you to live, He wants you to continue.

The enemies lie:

The enemy wants people thinking that “Things should be easier” and that “life should be easy”. But that’s just not true. We were never promised an easy life, we were promised trials and battles however we were also promised GREAT VICTORIES. The battle in front of you is not just a battle for you to fight for yourself, it is for your family, those you love and those who will follow after you. You may lose a battle here and there, but make no mistake, your enemy is the devil and his lies that he tells you on a daily basis. The enemy tells you that you have forfeited your future and that you are not good enough. He tells you that you will never be good enough. However the more you draw close to Jesus and our Father in heaven, the more you realise that that is not what He, the King of Heaven says about you. 

Jesus is our example:

Whenever you need direction for your life, whenever you need help, whenever you need to know what to do, look to Jesus, look at His example and what He has done for you, how He handled things and how He prepared Himself for what He knew was coming. There are so many things that Jesus did in great opposition but let’s look at just a few.

  1. Jesus spent time with His Father, God. He would take Himself away from people to give Himself that much needed time with the One who could fill Him, comfort Him & direct Him. Have you ever done that? Just allowed yourself time to be alone with God. Silence your thoughts and your emotions and just bow before His throne and throw yourself at His feet? I find myself doing this more and more.
  2. Jesus spent time with His friends. Jesus had people around Him to minister to Him and care for Him. I am sure they laughed and carried on, they cried together and they had each others back. When one was down they worked together to bring them up. He nourished Himself with food and companionship. Yes everything He did was an example to us.
  3. He KNEW His calling. He did what was in His hand to do. He fought when He needed to fight and He didn’t allow anyone, including the devil to dissuade Him from the work He had to do. It was impossible for Him to give up. His calling was too great and His desire to see the outworking of what He needed to do was intense. Think about that for yourself. You are not in your business by mistake. You are there on purpose. It may be for a season or it may be permanently. But you are definitely there… so you might as well make the best of it, learn as much as you can have have some great victories. 

Just know that you will have troubles, you will have highs and lows. Sometimes your emotions will be on a major roller coaster ride. Do your best to manage your emotions and stay focused on your goals. Make your decision and stand by your decision. The enemy will do his best to make you doubt yourself, feel inadequate and want to give up. That’s NOT your journey, your journey is one of success and significance. It’s one that will impact others in a positive way and help them become all they were meant to be.

Draw close to Him today and allow Him to speak life into your very being so that you can speak that very same life into others.

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