Jeunesse buys Monavie and Mynt™ and these questions must be asked.

So Jeunesse buys Monavie and Mynt™ and the big question is what should the distributors be thinking and feeling about this whole thing, should they be concerned or is this an exciting new era for them.

We to answer the question you need to understand that Jeunesse didn’t just buy the name Monavie, that isn’t what they really wanted, what they really wanted was the “names list”. Jeunesse wanted all of the active distributors from Monavie, now what Jeunesse do with them is another matter.

With Jeunesse buying Monavie and Mynt™, the best thing that any distributor can do is stay close to their upline. Ask them lots of questions and get them to find the information you need to know.

Some of the questions I would be asking include:

  1. Will Monavie, Mynt™ and Jeunesse continue operating as separate companies
  2. If they do continue to operate as separate companies will a Jeunesse distributor be able to purchase products from the other companies and vice versa.
  3. What will happen if one of my team see Mynt™ and they like the Mynt™ line of products etc and they want to join that and leave Jeunesse, how will that affect me, will that volume still count in my business.
  4. If they are combining the companies, when is the projected date to make that happen.

These are just some of the questions I would be asking if I was a distributor for any of those companies.

However, as I said, the most important thing any distributor can do is stick close to their upline and get them to find out as much information as possible.

My concern would be that if Jeunesse don’t combine the companies and they all operate separately, then they have just created a lot of competition for the distributors.

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