This is not something to be scared about…

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I know some of your are thinking “what a wierd way to start this off, ‘this is not something to be scared of…'”

The reason I started this post off that way is because people are at varying degrees of their ability to use technology. Some are old hats and take to it quite easily, others are like me. It takes them time and sometimes many hours of frustration to learn something new but in the end it is worth it so we persist.

Using an autoresponder can be the link for you to your list.

Many people have a list but no idea how to stay in contact with them or when they do what to say.

Recently I did this webinar on how to use an autoresponder. It is a basic training that was attedned by people from all over the world.

We had a lot of fun and I could see the light bulbs come on for many people as they started to realise that they can use a simple peice of technology to build their business.

Let me explain to those of you who do not know what an auto responder is.

It is a peice of technology that allows you to send emails, track responses and do surveys. Yes you can do more, however these are the main things…

The main thing you will use your autoresponder for is the “sending of emails”.

The things I really like about using an auto responder are:

  1. It personalises my emails.
    All I have to do is put a small peice of information where I want the persons name to be seen and the program does the rest. So whether I am sending to 1 person or 100,000 the program does the work for me.
  2. Campaigns.
    When a person asks for information I can place them into a campaign. Now this can happen automatically if they come through a website or facebook etc or I can put them in manually because they have given me permission to send it to them.
    (we have pre written emails that our team uses to send to their potential business partners and clients)
  3. I can stay in contact with my team.
    Just by the click of a button, because I am able to have a list inside my program I am able to send an email to my team. They are all kept up to date with the information.
  4. I can send up dates or special offers and a whole lot more.

So take my word for it. It may take you a small amount of time (only a few hours) to work out how to use your autoresponder. Don’t stress just breath and allow yourself to do it.

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    3 replies to "Learn the most powerful tool in your business building arsenal…"

    • Shirley Elphick

      Hi James,
      I have been receiving your emails for some weeks now and I would like to know, do I need a website to use your dual marketing program ?Also information about Mannetech products and how to market them using your dual marketing program and cost of setting up using both program and mannetech products.

      Thank you.

      Shirley Elphick

    • James

      Hi Shirley
      I am glad to have you on board and really looking forward to working with you.
      Be blessed

    • James

      Hi Shirley
      no you don’t NEED a website, however as part of the Dual Networking System we will GIVE you websites and show you how to use them. We will also explain to you the Mannatech products and how they work.
      Marketing to products is also part of the training you will receive. We will take you by the hand and give you the answers you need to be successful, the only thing you will need is a desire to not give up and be prepared to work which I know you are 🙂
      I hope that helps

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