I believe facebook mmarketing with facebookarketing has more power for building our business than any person has yet realised.

I have seen many great success stories of people who have followed our training and have had great results, and I do believe this is just the start.

I want to take you through some simple things you can do to start your facebook marketing funnel. We will continue to add to this library to help you, and by all means if you have found something that has worked or is working for you then please leave it in the comments box below.

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I am using facebook for my marketing in many different ways. We cover more in our advanced training, however, today I wanted to take you through some of the things I do and how they are working for my facebook marketing.

So let’s cover what facebook marketing can do:

Connecting with old friends:

Let’s face it. Who do we want to do business with? People we like or people we don’t?

I also love catching up with people from years ago. I have found many old friends this way and been able to help them start to build their businesses as well.

Connecting with team members:

It is a great way to encourage your team. They get to see and experience a piece of your life and also connect.

Facebook is fast becoming the channel of choice for many people as a way for them to stay in touch and keep up to date what is happening in their lives.


This is POWERFUL…If you have someone in your team that is doing well, use facebook as a way to recognise them in front of their entire list. We all would like more recognition for the things we do and this is an amazing way to make this happen.

Their friends see that they are doing things and could be left behind. So it helps your team members with their business building strategies. I have actually seen one of my team members do this better than anyone else I have ever seen. Their team love hearing from them, and others from other companies see the encouragement received and WISH they could get the same.


Yes you heard me right. You can definitely use facebook for marketing. Facebook is more popular than google for visits these days, and is more laser focused.

You can do “advanced searches” for people and markets, plus use their advertising program as well.


Promote your events, webinars and results. Remember people want to see and feel what is going on.

Don’t be timid in letting people know what you are doing…

A word of caution:

Many people fall into the trap of SPAM…No one likes it and you definately DO NOT want to do be doing it on facebook. DO NOT start promoting your business opportunity etc. on your wall saying “join me and make a million dollars” this will not work.

People will un-friend you quicker than rats leaving a sinking ship. You can learn more inside of our advanced training that will be released soon.

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