conspiracy of the rich

I am reading Robert Kyosaki’s “Conspiracy Of The Rich” at the moment and really enjoying it.

You see, we fell into the trap most people do when they first start earning money, and I mean good money. Do you know what that trap is?

You guessed it, we spent it and we spent it fast.

Is was like our money had become a hot potato. We couldn’t hold onto it because it was too hot to handle. We went on extravagant holidays, bought furniture we didn’t need (although I still argue the 50″ top of the range plasma was a necessity and who can have a Plasma with out the best surround sound…who agrees with me lol) and ate out nearly every single day.

It wasn’t until we had put ourselves into debt, bad times hit and we followed the wrong advice that we had realised we had made a mistake.

Robert Kyosaki talks about in his book “Conspiracy of the Rich”, how people get stuck with debt, bad debt. We have become creatures that can not do with out and have to have the latest everything.

Too many people have not allowed themselves to learn how to manage money to create wealth. Instead of using it wisely, they think they can do what the governments are doing and that is spend their way out of trouble.

This is a sure recipe for disaster.

Robert Kyosaki says it is everyones responsibility to start to work out how THEY can increase their income and generate wealth for their future and the future of their family.

No longer can anyone trust in a job or the government to get and keep them out of trouble, it has to be our own responsibility.

This book, “The Conspiracy of the Rich”, has made me even more focused on the need for all of us to build our own businesses and create our own wealth for the future.

You don’t need to be a financial genius to know that the economy of the world is in trouble, however it is not the governments or your employer who will save you.

I believe God has placed inside of you the knowledge, desire and skills to succeed in business and create what you need to create.

What are you going to do?

Are you going to wait for someone else to save you financially, or are you going to act now and do something about it?

After seeing many of our major six figure income earners follow what we did and spend their money, we decided to do something different. Now we teach people not only how to keep it, but also have a culture of creating wealth. Allow us to help you build your business, increase your income and create your wealth.

We would love to hear your comments below and give us your feedback on what you think about the worlds system of debt.

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    6 replies to "My Review Of Rich Dads Conspiracy Of The Rich."

    • Homer Arnado

      Hi James!

      First of all, thanks for sharing to me your article!

      I agree with what your opinion and robert’s article. We should start, if not yet, creating wealth for ourselves and not to rely with our job and government.

      We should do our part and give our very best for our future of our family and the next generation to come.

      Attitude matters most!

      Have a great day everyone!


    • Eric Youle

      A Relevant comment from MoneyMorning –

      Their (mainstream economist) conclusion? Their conclusion is the only one they can possibly make. And that is to increase the supply of credit. Voila! Everything will be fine again.

      Yet they fail to see that the economic growth was built on nothing more than a credit pyramid. A credit pyramid that needs ever greater loans in order to keep it going.

      Once the lending stops, the whole thing collapses.

      And rather than admitting that the growth of the last thirty years has been at the expense of growth over the next thirty years, these dopes are just determined to keep the party going.

      Rather than the likes of the Baby-Boomers saying, “hey we benefited at your expense without you knowing it, so now we’re going to put the brakes on,” they’re more than happy to let the Ponzi scheme going and let the next generation keep paying.

      Because that’s what the credit boom has done. The Baby-Boomer generation has benefited but they don’t want things to change. And funnily enough, it’s that very same generation who are now pulling the strings in government and the central banks.

      Simply put, prior generations have lived beyond the economy’s means. And now that it’s time for payback, that same generation doesn’t want a bar of it. That’s why they’re trying to push the payback period out into the future – increasing the population should help!

    • James

      Hi Eric
      I totally get what you are saying. I wonder when tough love has to come in. I believe this is where our industry is going to help many people take back control of their future. By not allowing government hand outs to control them.
      Someone has to pay and also someone has t say no more.
      I believe the readers of this blog are the ones who are saying “no more” to the believing the government is going to be the ones that bail them out. They are going to do it themselves.

    • James

      Hi Homer
      so true it is our attitude that determines our altitude it is also the thing that determines if we will do something about where we are at in life or not.
      Well said

    • Yves Chapand

      I had a good laugh when you mentioned the 50″ plasma screen and the sound system to go with it.
      I agree whole hartily with what you say about the economy.
      I am so happy for you that you are following your dream, and as always wish you the very best for your family and yourself.
      Thank you so much for keeping in contact with me.
      God richly bless all of you.

    • James

      Hi Yves
      you are a great man. Yep i still have the 50″ and the surround sound. Paid WAY too much for them 4 years ago hahaha. It is time to start doing something for our financial future and taking back control.
      Be blessed my good friend

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